Azerbaijani forces behead Armenian Christians inside Artsakh cathedral



Azerbaijan’s jihad war crimes will get little notice, because like the “Palestinians,” Azerbaijan has a well-funded PR machine.

“One Greek killed fighting in Artsakh, Azerbaijan continues to commit war crimes,” by Paul Antonopoulos, Greek City Times, October 28, 2020:

One ethnic Greek born in Armenia has been killed while defending Artsakh from a Turkish-sponsored invasion attempt.

Osipov Aren, who born in Armenia in 1984 but was living in Russia, returned to the country of his birth to defend Artsakh when the Azerbaijani military and Syrian mercenaries launched an invasion attempt on September 27….

Aren’s sacrifice comes as the Azerbaijani military continue to commit war crimes against the Armenian people in Artsakh.

Last week, Azerbaijani forces targeted the Shushi Holy Martyr Cathedral, and then struck again when journalists went to cover the events, as reported by Greek City Times.

Azerbaijan has also targeted hospitals and kindergartens, resulting in several casualties.

Their soldiers have beheaded Armenian defenders, although in poetic justice the Azerbaijani soldier that committed the war crime was killed in combat.

In shocking cases, Azerbaijani special forces have killed six civilians in the town of Hadrut, including a disabled man and his mother, as well as a 73-year-old man….

With the war crimes that Azerbaijan is committing, which directly targets churches, hospitals, children, the elderly and the disabled, there is little wonder why the 1,000 Greeks of Armenia and the 40 Greeks of Artsakh are resisting the Turkish-sponsored invasion attempt….


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