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Thousands took to the street in Germany to protest police brutality and media criminalization of social movements against gentrification. In Hamburg 2,000 protested on August 30 against police brutality in evicting, beating and arresting activists who occupied a vacant building in Altona 3 days before, attempting to turn it into a social center for the most vulnerable in the society. 

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@StopEvictionINT: hundreds people are marching in hh city center! #squattingdays #squathh

Protests spread and continued in Wuppertal, the city ordering riot cops from other cities. Protestors burned a garbage container, to defend from aggressive cops.

Photo: 23:13 #squatW #Wuppertal, #Germany: Cops are bringing people out who got detained during squatting action.

via EIE: local time 23:13 #squatW #Wuppertal, #Germany: Cops are bringing people out who got detained during squatting action.

Social activists occupied a vacant house in Wuppertal in order to turn it into a social center and a space welcoming refugees. “We want to use this building which is vacant for years as space which will be accessible to all people in Wuppertaler, as a center of information and venue to organize events,” explained activists. Cops evicted the building and arrested 7 activists.

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350 people protested in Dortmund against police evicting the social center Avanti. “In Dortmund the police makes the policy,” said the demonstrators. 

350 people names peacefully participate in the spontaneously organized demonstration against the eviction of the Avanti Center in the Albertus Magnus Church.

Photo: #Dortmund, #Germany: 350 people took the streets tonight after todays eviction of the #Avanti social center.

On August 28th, a building was occupied in Hamburg. The police evicted the building at night and so ignited massive resistance in other cities in Germany. 150 demonstrators occupied a vacant building, and 30 activists barricaded themselves in. A massive police force of over 400 riot coops broke down the barricades and made several arrests; during the battle, several activists and police were wounded.

 Find here more info in German

A major paper in Germany called the squatters “brutes” and ordered the state to send them to jail, in a classic criminalization propaganda, of course not mentioning that police attacked the occupied building and not explaining the reason for which it was occupied. A major paper saluted police militarized response in cracking down the squatters.

Two Räumerpanzer the police on duty

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August 30, Hamburg, @PhotoRiot_

Squatting Days have been taking place for 40 years, they are manifestations pleading for free living, direct action, against gentrification and state’s relentless abuses against movements fighting for social justice.

Squatting Days coincided with another refugees crisis in Berlin; activists and residents in Berlin demonstrated for days to stop police brutality against migrants, and put an end to the deportation of people who become refugees in order to survive. After cops destroyed a protest tent of the refugees at Oplatz, refugees escaped to a roof and Berliners supported their fight for night standing up to police. On August 31, there will be another solidarity demo with the refugees, see here event’s page. via Enough is Enough 

Photo: #Berlin 21:30 local time: Tense situation at #guertelstr after cops attempted to evict the roif which is occupied by refugees. Cops did not succeed and had to retreat. Lawyers have contact with  refugees #ohlauer #oplatz #refugeestrike


Squatting Days are to last until August 31, as activists explained: “Housing is a basic right“.

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Lots of events took place in Rote Flora which activists saved from destruction last year, as they say: “Fuck the Law and Squat the World!”

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Hamburg, @Onur_Inal

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