Orlando Gay Bar Fake Shooting Fraudsters Cheat American Public of Millions of Dollars

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Orlando Gay Bar Fake Shooting Fraudsters Cheat American Public of Millions of Dollars

In what is a most malicious example of fraud and deception, as well as virtual theft, Orlando Pulse Nightclub-related fraudsters have bilked unsuspecting donors of countless thousands of dollars, now held in the millions.

It is all done in a premeditated fashion through arch-cheating. In order to facilitate the lie great acts of corruption have been committed, including the faking of deaths to the extreme. This includes the creation of fabricated corpses, wax dummies, latex cadavers, and the like.

There are also fake tears which have been applied, either as petroleum jelly or, perhaps, induced through tearing agents such as cayenne pepper. Notice the flushing on the below fraudster’s face:


She’s not crying. It is all fully manipulated. There is no real grief in this scam anywhere to be found.


Here is another hoaxer bearing shiny, seemingly permanent, non-flowing fake tears. It is all a part of the carefully crafted, though corrupt, process of bamboozling the American people and defrauding them of countless thousands of dollars. What a terminally corrupt world it is. People see what appears to be a grieving face, twisted lips, down-turned facial expression, and a few fake or even real tears, and they make the assumption: it is a real, horrific event, so, ‘let’s do something about it; let’s help,’ and, thus, they part with their hard-earned money. So-called relief and charity organizations have used such scams for years.

All the players are in it for personal gain. The fake shooter himself is in on the act, presumably for the money, as he was part of the homosexual clique that frequents the club:

Nevertheless, why would anyone want to have sex with another man? Inherently, such a one is already derangded, terminally corrupt. Any sensible, thinking male would never do so, in fact, would abhor it. So, it would be no surprise that mere money would be the motivator for the scam and for such a one’s participation: a participation to defraud the entire world.

Where is Mateen, now? Where are the spy agencies hiding him? How much was he paid for the use of his name? Even so, he cannot be the shooter. See the lack of a crime scene, like all other fakes. The media was allowed to rummage around in his apartment. No one can find this plausible. In fact, in a real mass murder investigation at a suspects site, this is patently impossible:

It’s the same style of fraud perpetrated at Sandy Hoax and also via the Boston Smoke Bombing Fake, the driving of the consumer largest into the hands of the hoax criminals:


It’s big money, vastly so, far exceeding anything Sandy Hoax could have ever expected to achieve.


It is, surely, a multi-million dollar fraud. Will, not, then, the people realize it? This thread should be posted on all charity sites which are involved in this extortion. Let us let the ignorant and absolutely bamboozled know. Let them realize the fraud. Let them raise the stakes and demand refunds for all that they contributed. Action must be taken. This is one of the most successful purging frauds in the hoax realm yet to occur, with many millions of dollars being exchanged. It’s fake; no one died, and no one was injured.


The man was shot in the hip and leg, and they are letting him walk about? He is not being rendered supine, not being triaged? It would appear that the cop himself is an actor, a mere hired contractor, like the rest of them.  The so-called gay community is willingly and maliciously purging people of their assets, all in a grand fake death fraud.

The nightclub owner, Barbara Poma, is in on the act and is also involved in the money-grubbing. See here interview, here, which she attempts to feign the image of a tearful, grieving person in shock, a D-grade actress at best:


How much was the ‘club’ used for the use of their name and reputation?

It is corruption beyond comprehension, as demonstrated by the following purge promotion video, calling this inane fake the “Deadliest Mass Shooting in American History:”


It’s time to fight back and undermine this filthy corruption.



Source Article from http://nodisinfo.com/orlando-gay-bar-fake-shooting-fraudsters-cheat-american-public-millions-dollars-2/

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