PROOF Dr. Buttar Was Murdered by Big Pharma, Exactly How He Predicted

Yet another holistic doctor working against Big Pharma has been found dead in highly suspicious circumstances, as the community of physicians attempting to work outside the confines of the pharmaceutical industry, exposing their agenda, continues to be eradicated.

Dr. Rashid Buttar, the British-American physician who was responsible for waking up millions of people to the truth about Big Pharma and the globalist agenda, was found dead on May 18. He was 57 and in supremely good health.

He was also the subject of an unprecedented and vicious attack by mainstream media.

We are living through a full frontal assault on truth and decency, a time when lies are peddled as self-evident truths and anyone daring to tell the truth about the real agenda of the elites is slandered, vilified, attacked as insane… or even worse.

Due to the exceptionally high death rate among holistic doctors, he made sure to tell his followers that if anything happened to him, it was not natural. This video was released the day before he was found dead:

Dr. Buttar knew he had a target on his back. He was named by mainstream media as one of the so-called “Disinformation Dozen,” a list of 12 alternative health influencers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., they claimed were responsible for nearly two-thirds of anti-Big Pharma content on social media.

The mainstream will do anything to promote Big Pharma’s toxic products and demonize natural cures.

Mainstream media had a perverse and unnatural hatred for Dr. Buttar and they worked overtime to persecute the holistic M.D. in an attempt to drive him out of business.

Witness the extreme hatred CNN’s Drew Griffin displayed towards him:

It appears Dr. Buttar was touching a nerve and the elite needed to silence him. Don’t forget how much of CNN’s advertising revenue comes from Big Pharma.

Even the Washington Post has admitted that Big Pharma spends far more on marketing and advertising on cable channels like CNN than they do on research. Gee, that’s reassuring.

There is just one problem for Big Pharma. Thanks to brave truth tellers like Dr. Buttar, we the people are waking up to Big Pharma’s lies.

Erin Elizabeth, who was also one of the mainstream media’s so-called “Disinformation Dozen,” tweeted about Buttar’s death on Saturday. “Just 3 days he ago he announced he was poisoned after a big CNN interview,” she said. “Hours after this he died.”

According to Buttar himself, he was poisoned with the equivalent of 200 times the normal dose of what is in the vaccinations.

Damning stuff. Going against the status quo is like sentencing yourself to death in recent times. The stakes could not be higher.

Big Pharma and mainstream media have formed a conspiracy against the people.

Over one hundred holistic doctors have been found dead under suspicious circumstances in recent years. And the death toll is increasing exponentially.

As is the case with most of holistic doctors and healers in the past two years, the coroner is likely to announce a bogus cause of death for Dr. Buttar. Coroners have a habit of ascribing the most outrageous, bizarre causes of death to holistic doctors.

But we can’t let them misdirect us from the truth.

We have lost so many holistic healers in the past few years. Many cases were brushed under the carpet by authorities at the time, however some cases have since been reopened and are now being investigated as homicides.

It is time to recognize the extraordinary number of deaths within the holistic medical community for what it is – a purge.

But as Dr. Buttar said the day before he was found dead, we are living in times when the truth is finally coming to light, people are waking up, and the bad people in the world are being exposed as the criminals they are.

The Covid pandemic was an attempt to lock humanity in a straitjacket from which we could never escape. But we rejected their agenda and fought for our freedom.

As Dr. Buttar said, “The only power they have is the power of inducing fear in you.”

Wise words from a truth teller who was cut down before his time. Rest in peace, Dr. Buttar.

Here at The People’s Voice we are determined to play our part in exposing the criminal cabal at the heart of Big Pharma, and the conspiracy they have formed with the global elites.

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