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Benjamin Fulford – September 14, 2015: Acts of God, mutual accusations, fear and hope as Zionist nightmare collapses

The 14th anniversary of 911 may be the last one to pass without the perpetrators of this crime finally seeing justice. There were some very unusual “heavenly” events associated with this anniversary. One was a double rainbow seen in New York which appeared at roughly the same time as one (witnessed by this writer) […]

Benjamin Fulford – September 7, 2015: Chaos in cabal controlled financial system creates opportunity for revolution

Chaos and conflict at the very top of the Western financial system has created a unique opportunity to permanently put an end to Khazarian mafia control of the West. Furthermore, a new group of leaders will be assuming power in the Pentagon and, if they are able to coordinate with the worldwide resistance movement, humanity […]

Benjamin Fulford – August 31, 2015: A small scale military operation would be enough to remove the Khazarian cabal from power

Notice to readers, due to my annual holiday, the reports for August 17th, 24th and 31st will feature non-time sensitive material. Regular reporting will resume in September In September the leaders of the current world system are planning many changes. Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Pope, Russian President Vladimir Putin and others will be visiting […]

Resistance Round Table May 26, 2015

  This week our guest is: Experimental Vaccines Panel Members include:  Along with our regular members Odinrok, DITRH, Tiffany M, Rhonda Fairman along with our usual members Brian Roberts, UpNorthOfThe49th and Our Host: Swan Song from, Topic: Viral Vaccines We focus on how governments are mandating illnesses and how vaccines spread disease? The Measures […]

Benjamin Fulford – May 18, 2015: Khazarian mafia wants to donate funds to humanity in exchange for amnesty

A representative of the G7 group of nations has been approached with a proposal by the Khazarian mafia banking community to “repurpose their funds for the benefit of humanity,” in exchange for “amnesty for certain Jewish bankers.” Russia and “certain foundations” would be involved in this plan, the source said. The background for this offer […]

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