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Studies show high percentages of transgender individuals have debilitating personality disorders, autism

(Natural News) It may come as no surprise that people who wish to mutilate their genitals are experiencing some type of mental illness, but one study shows just how strong the need for psychological help is among people seeking sex reassignment surgery. Researchers at the Iran University of Medical Sciences found that 81 percent of… […]

Radiation emitted from smart meters 100 times greater than cell phones – and exposure is constant, doctors warn

(NaturalNews) Energy companies are billing them as the “green” solution to traditional meters. But are so-called “smart” meters really all that smart? And, more importantly, are they really as safe as we’re all being told they are? Some 65 million American homes already have them, and more are being converted all the time, […]

Whistleblower: EPA scientists paid off by oil and gas industry to conceal toxic fracking emissions

(NaturalNews) An explosive new federal complaint finally sheds some light on the great mystery of why exactly the EPA, which is tasked with protecting the environment, inexplicably sits back and allows the fracking industry to destroy the earth. According to the environmental watchdog group NC WARN based out of North Carolina, the data […]

EU ‘cannot handle’ another year of refugees pouring into Europe – Danish PM

From: The European Union cannot handle another year of the refugee crisis, the prime minister of Denmark said on Friday, stressing that the burden cannot be the responsibility of just a few countries. We need to find solutions that work. Because we cannot handle yet another year with an influx […]

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