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It was a Disgraceful, Horrific, Yet Fitting Close to the Trump Era

Photo Win McNamee/Getty ImagesMobs carrying Trump “Law & Order” & Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me’ Flags Breach Locked US Capitol Doors January 5th, 2021, was another Day of Infamy in US History that bookmarked an unsavory, unseemly, disgraceful, yet fitting close to the ruthlessness of the Trump Era in American and World politics. It seemingly […]

My Holocaust museum’s fitting exhibit on response to George Floyd

The Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida knows it’s doing something right when its work draws the ire of detractors. When we bring in traveling exhibits to complement our permanent Holocaust exhibit, our goal is to identify the common thread that ties the past to the present. As a result, we promote thoughtful reflection […]

Media Silent as US and UK Train Saudi Forces Responsible War Crimes in Yemen

While the Syrian conflict is plastered on the pages of most mainstream news outlets, Yemen has been met with indifference and, until recently, a virtual media blackout. Writing for Stop The War, Nawal Al-Maghafi sums up the reason for the silence of the Western media on the devastation: “Unlike in Syria, the U.K. and […]

Report: Replacement chemical in Teflon causing cancer in lab rats

     The chemical GenX – used by DuPont to make non-stick Teflon cookware and other products – has caused cancer, reproductive problems, liver and kidney deformities, and other issues in lab animals, according to a new report. GenX was the replacement for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a long-chain perfluorinated chemical previously used in Teflon products. DuPont […]

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