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Oh, really, NWO lackey Paul Krugman now says “I Was Wrong About Inflation”? These globalist are paid handsomely to lie through their teeth.

READ HERE: Establishment-favorite economist Paul Krugman has declared the obvious: “I was wrong about inflation.”    Source

Can there be poetry after Netanyahu?

Distance himself from the new Im Tirtzu (“If You Wish”) smear campaign waged against left-wing artists in Israel as he might, Netanyahu and his government are thoroughly complicit with the efforts to brand their political opponents and artists opposed to the status quo as traitors. The tactic is nothing new. It was developed and honed […]

A (Hopefully Fake) Paul Krugman Laments The Lack Of Death And Destruction Following Today’s Earthquake

Zero Hedge Aug 24, 2011 We truly can only hope that this Google Plus account of Paul Krugman is merely a well-orchestrated parody, because if it is indeed that of the self-styled uber-Keynesian, the time for the public outrage, his economic beliefs aside, has arrived. In a blast post on Google’s imitation of twitter and facebook, […]

No, Mr. Krugman … War is Not Good for the Economy

Washington’s Blog Aug 16, 2011 As I have repeatedly documented, influential Americans are lobbying for war in order to save the American economy – what is often called “military Keynesianism”. For the first couple of years that I wrote on this topic, commenters more or less said, “That’s crazy, no one is calling for war to […]

Krugman Calls On Government To Manufacture War To Save Economy

  Amidst “alien invasion” rant, many miss the point that NY Times economist was advocating a staged crisis Paul Joseph Watson Monday, August 15, 2011 Amidst the melodramatic reaction to economist Paul Krugman’s eyebrow-raising rant about the impact an alien invasion would have on the US economy, many have missed the point, that Krugman […]

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