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Maersk Ship Attacked Off Yemen As Danish Liner Giant Orders Tankers To Avoid Red Sea

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis are determined to disrupt all international shipping through the Red Sea as retaliation for Israel’s Gaza operation and the West’s support of Israel. After a string of incidents, including further Houthi militant attempts to hijack shipping vessels, the British Maritime Trade Authority says it has received a report that a ship in the […]

Royal Caribbean: Cruise liner cleared of wrongdoing in falling death of toddler

Royal Caribbean has been cleared of wrongdoing in the 2019 case of a toddler who fell to her death out of an open cruise ship window. Business Insider reported that a Florida judge threw out the lawsuit on Tuesday that was filed by the Indiana parents of Chloe Wiegand. The young girl, who was 18-months-old […]

How Biden helped hard-liner Raisi win Iran election

Image Credit: Reuters It was common knowledge that a U.S. failure to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal (known as the JCPOA) before Iran’s June presidential election would help conservative hard-liners to win the election. Indeed, on Saturday, June 19, the conservative Ebrahim Raisi was elected as the new President of Iran.   Raisi has a record […]

Apathy greets Iran presidential vote dominated by hard-liner

Balloting came to a close at 2.a.m. Saturday, after the government extended voting to accommodate what it called “crowding” at several polling places nationwide. Paper ballots, stuffed into large plastic boxes, were to be counted by hand through the night, and authorities said they expected to have initial results and turnout figures Saturday morning at […]

Africans in Belgium Assault Woman

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