The highly-revealing election dogs that didn’t bark, isolating howling, blowhard election deniers

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The Big Bad Wolf is trapped by his own Big Bad Lies—and convictions will eventually matter 

When willful delinquents defy the rules they had to accept to run—that elections divide winners from losers—are they then not stuck poisoning the game? The farcical Big Lie about the “stolen, rigged, corrupt” 2020 election will go down as Trump’s most outlandish and chilling, though not least successful lie. Today, only the addled accept that the Liar-in-chief beat Biden. Or that Biden is wholly responsible for 91 indictments. 

Total fabrications, and worse still, they get repeated ad nauseam, reality (and his own former staffers) to the contrary. In short, forget even plausible deniability when brazen lying, by necessity triggering sedition and insurrection, exposes hypocritical contempt for the Constitution. Predatory deception defines the only Trump “reality.”

Here’s notably good news: other than Trump, what other major rightwing voices (like five GOP primary candidates), even mentioned the accuracy or legitimacy of the election results? Gosh, did so many election counters in so many states clean up their act—now trustworthy to the right? Sure, after Tuesday’s election, the Pretender-in-chief dragged in his knee-jerk mantra about imagined “irregularities” in Connecticut (!)—whose backwater mayoral contests lacked all national significance. On display is this “Shrunken Big Lie,” signifying a desperate, doomed justification of make-believe mockery. The liar blathers on, now promising imminent “proof” confirming 2020 fraud. 

But perversity aside, no other national GOPer I heard dared question that 2023 tabulations were not legal, precise and final. However, nitwit Trumpers still buy into the absurdity that ONLY the 2020 federal presidential race was rife with fraud—distinct from the spate of elections before, during and after. That even this year’s right-wing losers and primary campaigners—hardly models of truth-telling—aren’t questioning the finale invokes the dog in the Sherlock Holmes story who revealed all by not barking. What didn’t happen almost matters as much as the Democratic triumphs. Trump is quicksand-trapped as lying party outlier. 

What about “you’re fired” don’t losers get?

What does it mean that the most gullible cult in our history remains out of step with this sustained defiance of the Constitution? And why, as one GOP leader declared, should any wholly dishonorable Constitution-rejecter remain in office? Or deserve re-election? Well, criminal desperation left Trump (and his craven fundraising) with few choices after the voting majority by millions decided, “you’re fired.” 

Isn’t it significant that, across a batch of special and mid-term elections since 2020, dominated by Democratic Party wins, deranged GOP election denial is notably AWOL? How few even threatened court action, like Trump, risking his record 61 rejection slips? That three years later, there’s still zero proof of voter fraud, let alone enough to reverse one state outcome, only testifies to the abject Trump bottom-fishing, and the extreme gullibility of half the GOP—no trivial matter politically. 

As many observe, millions of government-hating gullible Republican refuse to admit they were conned, again and again, by the master con artist. Doomsday is not here. Well, leaps of faith by churchy true believers about how life emerged or invisible worlds, like unconformable heavenly specifics, can’t match empirical earthly reality informed by science and reason. One wonders how scorners of their own country’s democratic institutions navigate the modern world or teach kids how undeniable truth really differs from blatant connivance, even the good enlightenment reasons that birthed our government (aside from protecting status quo inequalities)? Why do right-wingers trust any elected officials, their elitist doctors or overpaid televangelists—or readily digest the grocery food or drugs whose safety is approved by massive federal bureaucracies?

When does the mass delusion fever break?

I get how for a few weeks disgruntled sore losers shoulder the farcical fabrication their self-sanctified champion could not, by dubious evangelical logic, lose to the demonic Biden conspiracy. One understands how the Big Lie answers to the self-serving Trump being so cornered—and psychically deficient—he reinvents himself as sacrificial (Biden) victim battling bad guys. But how long does this addictive Trump drug last? How many (often Republican) judges and courts, scrutinizing the election data across 61 Trump 2020 challenges, were no more than slavish lackeys blind to a conspiracy by election-stealing Democrats?

Such gullibility, now in its third year, mocks logic, reason, evidence, even minimum trust in America—an emblem of history-breaking boobery. If Trump’s claims alone, as if a divine prophet, more than offset three years void of any voter fraud, then such noodle-brains are betraying their own citizen voting rights. It’s one thing to indulge in absurd conspiracy thinking, seated in outrage and grievance against who knows what, but it’s quite another to blot out their own obvious suckerdom (or sucker-doom). 

In short, what rational adults give credence to this dismal politician with the gall to promise election fraud “proof” is imminent? That boggles the mind, even FOX-corrupted right-wing minds. In retrospect, such incomparable, baseless mass delusion will make shamed Joe McCarthy or Nixon backers look downright reality-bound.

Real-world election trends trump scary polling

For what it’s worth, a few billionaire ex-donors, and growing Never Trumpers, have abandoned Trump since 2020: Peter Thiel, Larry Ellison, Richard Uihlein, Miriam Adelson, Ronald Lauder, Stephen Schwarzman, Ken Griffin, and Andy Sabin. Obviously, those skilled enough to make a bundle can eventually rethink their own interests and judgments, change favorites, and dump a blunderer growing more deranged by the week. We can only wait for more Trumpers to wake up and learn from mistakes. 

Towards passive-aggressive Trumpers sticking like clue to the grifter, let alone preferring chaotic derangement to Biden centrality, this nation should immediately commit to rework our entire educational system, starting with kindergarten. Today’s final grade of failure—Trump the immoral walking dead survives– is a devastating judgment on millions of voters (or those polled) oblivious to their own interests and key national values. Minds capable of reason, regressing to instinctive appetites like fear, disgust and vengeance, are terrible things to squander—directly contrary to what stable democracies demand. Trumpism—and its mob violence—is directly contrary to stable democratic operations, let alone the most rudimentary notions of majority elections, the rule of law and the necessity of open, transparent justice. 


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