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Israel is ISOLATING ITSELF as the world unites against its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory

Israel is ISOLATING ITSELF as the world unites against its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory American business executive and geopolitical analyst Cyrus Janssen claims that Israel is deeply isolating itself as the world unites against its ongoing illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and aggressive building of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. […]

The highly-revealing election dogs that didn’t bark, isolating howling, blowhard election deniers

Image Credit: Getty Images The Big Bad Wolf is trapped by his own Big Bad Lies—and convictions will eventually matter  When willful delinquents defy the rules they had to accept to run—that elections divide winners from losers—are they then not stuck poisoning the game? The farcical Big Lie about the “stolen, rigged, corrupt” 2020 election […]

Western Delusion of “Isolating” Russia

For months, the West has been projecting a geopolitics of “isolating” Russia, both economically via sanctions and diplomatically via creating anti-Russia counter alliances around the world. But how is this geopolitics of “isolation” working? Five months into the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the fallout of this war – in particular the fallout of Western […]

Peter Daszak’s latest grift allegedly involves isolating new coronavirus strains alongside Kremlin-backed researchers

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) According to new claims from The National Pulse, the infamous EcoHealth Alliance head Peter Daszak is once again working on isolating new coronaviruses, this time in Russia with the help of Kremlin-backed researchers.One of them is the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS, which Daszak, 49, appears to be tampering … [Read […]

New Zealand: PM Jacinda Ardern Self-Isolating After Covid Exposure

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Saturday that she is self-isolating after coming into close contact with a person infected with the covid. Are there any truckers around? BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our […]

Trudeau ‘Isolating’ At Home in Bid to Dodge Massive Canadian Trucker Caravan He Smeared As ‘Fringe Minority’

Justin Trudeau announced on Thursday he’s going to be “isolating” himself in his home for five days ahead of the “largest convoy in history” comprised of tens of thousands of Canadian truckers and supportive Canadians arriving in Canada’s capital of Ottawa to protest the regime’s insane vaccine mandates. Trudeau says the trucker convoy making its […]

RH – Isolating a Pathogen, Fake Vaxx Passports, News Roundup

EURO FOLK RADIO RH – Isolating a Pathogen, Fake Vaxx Passports, News Roundup Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share 1Jn_2:18  Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know […]

Boris Johnson Not Isolating Despite Being Pinged After Health Secretary’s Positive Covid Test

UK Prime minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are not going to be isolating despite being pinged by the NHS app following Sajid Javid’s positive Covid test, Downing Street has confirmed. After Javid, the newly-appointed health secretary tested positive for covid and went into quarantine it was thought a number of other ministers and […]

Police Arrive At House In Riot Van To Check If 12 Year Old Girl Is Self-Isolating

A Manchester mother is demanding an apology after police turned up at her home in a riot van to check that her 12 year old daughter was self-isolating after she tested positive for Covid. Kathryn Crook said her daughter Charlotte was terrified by the experience, and alleges that the behaviour of Rochdale Public Health Officers […]

Police in Riot Van Visit Home of 12-Year-Old Girl to Check She’s ‘Self-Isolating’

Police in Manchester arrived at a 12-year-old girl’s home in a riot van to check that she was ‘self-isolating’, an action that led the girl to fear she was about to be arrested. “Officers visited the home of Kathryn Crook in Middleton, Greater Manchester, to check that Charlotte, 12, was adhering to Covid guidance after […]

French PM Jean Castex self-isolating after wife tests positive for COVID-19

French Prime Minister Jean Castex is reportedly self-isolating after his wife tested positive for COVID-19. The prime minister is isolating for seven days, his office said, according to Reuters. Castex had received his first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine on 19 March and he tested negative to COVID-19 on Wednesday. However, given that he has […]

Man Can’t Wait To Get Vaccine So He Can Go Back To Isolating While Wearing A Mask But Now Doing So While Vaccinated

Man Can’t Wait To Get Vaccine So He Can Go Back To Isolating While Wearing A Mask But Now Doing So While Vaccinated SAN DIEGO, CA—Carl Watson can’t wait to be finally vaccinated against COVID-19. “I’m just giddy with excitement,” he told reporters through a closed-door while wearing a mask. “As soon as I get […]

Pete Buttigieg self-isolating after security guard tests positive for Covid

New Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has entered quarantine for possible Covid-19 exposure. Less than a week after being sworn in to lead the Biden administration’s Department of Transportation, Mr Buttigieg has been forced to self isolate for the next 14 days after a member of his security detail tested positive for Covid-19. Transportation chief of […]

Pedro Sanchez: Spanish PM self-isolating days after having lunch with Macron

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will quarantine until 24 December after French President Emmanuel Macron tested positive for Covid-19, his office said in a statement on Thursday.  Mr Sánchez and Mr Macron met on Monday in Paris.  The Élysée Palace released a statement saying that Mr Macron had taken a test as soon as the […]

Israel’s genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further

Israeli leaders have been making downright genocidal claims against Palestinians, and the rhetoric finally seems to be backfiring. The government’s line on “defending itself from terrorists” is not being swallowed by the world as easily as it used to be. Especially because those genocidal statements betray other than “defensive” intentions to the actions in Gaza. And […]

2018 Olympics ban is another attempt at isolating Russia – foreign ministry

The IOC ban, which allows Russian athletes to compete only as neutrals in the February Olympics, shows how Russia is forcefully “squeezed out of world sports,” ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. While previous attempts to isolate the country failed, the 2018 Olympics ban came as a new plan, the official said. “It’s a […]

After two years, Israeli offensive on Gaza in numbers

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Israeli occupation launched widespread offensive on Gaza Strip in August 2014, left around 2,150 Palestinians dead and more than 11,000 injured. Here is a breakdown for the causalities of that Israeli genocide carried out against the Palestinians amidst full international silence. After two years, there are tens of the Palestinians […]

Amnesty Intl., EU parliament urge Bahrain to release rights activist Nabeel Rajab

“Bahraini authorities must immediately release human rights defender Nabeel Rajab and drop all charges against him,” Amnesty International said in its statement on Friday, denouncing what the organization called Bahrain’s “barefaced assault on freedom of expression.” Bahrain re-arrests top human rights activist Nabeel Rajab – family READ MORE: Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab hospitalized after 2 weeks […]

Trump’s Jewish To Do List?

Trump’s Jewish To Do List? Christopher Jon Bjerknes Donald Trump is building up quite a to do list. He has just received a tip of the hat from KGB communist Vladimir Putin and Israel supporter Sheldon Adelson. David Duke is becoming a fan, and why, […]

Still the same: Fed pretends to limit future emergency lending programs

     The Federal Reserve on Monday approved new measures that will limit its ability to prop up failing banks in the event of another financial crisis, a delayed response to the controversial emergency lending programs that supported a handful of financial giants in 2008. The new rules would allow for emergency lending only in the […]

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