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After two years, Israeli offensive on Gaza in numbers

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Israeli occupation launched widespread offensive on Gaza Strip in August 2014, left around 2,150 Palestinians dead and more than 11,000 injured. Here is a breakdown for the causalities of that Israeli genocide carried out against the Palestinians amidst full international silence. After two years, there are tens of the Palestinians […]

Amnesty Intl., EU parliament urge Bahrain to release rights activist Nabeel Rajab

“Bahraini authorities must immediately release human rights defender Nabeel Rajab and drop all charges against him,” Amnesty International said in its statement on Friday, denouncing what the organization called Bahrain’s “barefaced assault on freedom of expression.” Bahrain re-arrests top human rights activist Nabeel Rajab – family READ MORE: Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab hospitalized after 2 weeks […]

Battle-tested hardware, jets over Moscow & female officers: Best moments from V-Day parade (VIDEOS)

The female officers were out on the Red Square in crisp white uniforms, in sharp contrast to their male counterparts’ dark greens, blues and khakis. The female squadron formed part of the best-of-the-best 10,000 Russian service personnel who took part in the parade, alongside 135 military vehicles and 71 aircraft.  via GIPHY But apart from […]

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will Hold Fundraiser in Israel on May 17

Clinton has also been raising a ton of pro-Israel money in L.A. Haim and Cheryl Saban have just kicked in another $2 million on top of $5 million they gave last year to her SuperPac, Priorities USA Action. Yahoo: Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg have each given $1 million to Priorities, and […]

Famous Atheist Changes His Mind

When one of the world’s most renowned atheist philosophers—a man who debated God with CS Lewis at Oxford 50 years ago and was adamant that God could not possibly exist—when such a man does a complete U-turn and admits he was wrong, we have to sit up and think. Such a man is Professor Antony […]

SOTT Exclusive: Another phony ‘suicide bombing’ in Turkey

     After last Sunday’s bogus ‘suicide car bomb’ in Ankara that killed 37 people, another alleged ‘suicide bomber’ – this time allegedly on foot – ‘blew himself up’ on Istiklal Ave, one of Istanbul’s busiest shopping areas. Bizarrely, of the five people killed, 2 or 3 were Israeli Jews – a man and wife and […]

Monsanto Sues to Keep Glyphosate Off California List of Carcinogens

Monsanto Sues to Keep Glyphosate Off California List of Carcinogens March 5th, 2016 Via: Reuters: Monsanto Co stepped up its defense of a widely used weed killer on Thursday by filing a lawsuit in California seeking to prevent glyphosate, the main ingredient in its […]

10 Indian soldiers feared dead in Himalayan avalanche

     Officials say 10 Indian soldiers are feared dead after an avalanche hit a military post on the Siachen Glacier in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his condolences to the families of the soldiers on Twitter Thursday night. The avalanche hit the military post on Wednesday in the […]

BREAKING: Obama DOJ Vows To Put Americans In PRISON For Anti-Muslim Speech… Spread This Everywhere

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at the Muslim Advocate’s 10th anniversary dinner, and didn’t even mention the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino that the FBI has deemed a “terrorist act” or the attacks by Muslims in Paris– instead she threatened to prosecute Americans who engaged in “hate speech” against […]

BOMBSHELL News About Muslim Cali KILLER’S Political Party- He Was A…

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Here’s yet ANOTHER bombshell revelation about the Muslims that committed the heinous terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California which resulted in the deaths of 14 Americans. The jihadist killers were LIBERALS! That’s right folks, LIBERAL MUSLIMS ARE TO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MASS MURDER. Syed Farook’s profile on the dating […]

Yes, Jews are the victims – of Zionist propaganda

By Alan Hart My headline takes me back 35 years to the day when I had a remarkably frank conversation in Tel Aviv with then retired Major-General Shlomo Gazit, the very best and the brightest of Israel’s directors of military intelligence. I put to him my conclusion that “It’s all nonsense.” I meant and said […]

Test finds meat in vegetarian products, human DNA in hot dogs

     One of the most American foods could also be one of the most human. A food testing authority using cutting-edge genetic testing has found human DNA in some samples of hot dogs, and meat was found in a shocking number of vegetarian substitutes. Clear Food, a company that genetically tests food products, analyzed 345 […]


In a paradoxical nutshell, the true purpose of the “Holocaust Denial” Law is not to serve the Globo-Zion Jews, but to fight them. It is a powerful tool that Putin can and will use to crush the psychopathic kosher CIA “Nazi’s” of Russia once and for all. The law also prevents the Master Jews from […]

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