The Jewish Privilege Of Éric Zemmour: Why He Can Say What No Other Man In France Dares Say Above A Whisper

Zemmour poses in front of masonic All-Seeing Eye

The Jewish journalist, Éric Zemmour, has finally thrown his hat into the ring and announced his candidacy for the French presidency.

A so-called “far” right wing journalist who has been convicted of “hate speech” for his unapologetic anti-Muslim sentiments, Zemmour has never spent a day in jail in a country where state-mandated political correctness has stifled any and all opposition to the bolshevization of France through draconian prosecutions of political dissidents.

Zemmour is not naive — he knows very well “who?” is behind this relentless dismantling of Christian France — as the retired French General Dominique Delawarde pointedly observed when — on national television — he asked the sensational question “Qui?

Zemmour claims he wants to “save” France from “minorities that oppress the majority” — but don’t think for a second he could be referring to Jews despite being the most powerful and disliked minority in France — that needs armed military guards to protect them.

During the “yellow vest” protests, it became abundantly clear that it was common knowledge on the streets that Rothschild-employee President Macron is a “whore to the Jews” — and flatly stated that he’s unwilling to compromise on continuing the flood of Third World immigration.

Zemmour is on record as cynically blaming “Christian universalism” for this violent Third World immigration tsunami — he clearly has no problem playing the role of gatekeeper for the kosher elite who demand that the native French race mix with these invaders if France is to “survive.”

So the question remains — Pourquoi? — Why is this French-Algerian Jew allowed to say what no native Frenchman is allowed to say? What game is being played on the demoralized people of France who yearn to take their country back and reestablish their French identity without daring to mention the word “race.”

Why would the powerful Jews who have been progressively destroying France for the last 200 years allow this Jew to throw a wrench in their plans?

For the Rothschild Syndicate, “Les jeux sont fait” — meaning that this process has reached an irreversible point, and there’s no turning back.

Why are the native French being allowed to hope that “Les Jeux ne sont pas fait” — that the Titanic’s fatal course can be reversed?

One thing is certain — you can count on Zemmour — like all “far right” politicians in Europe — to be unequivocally pro-Israel.

Zemmour’s campaign video is with a doubt compelling from this perspective — YouTube is already censoring it by requiring age-restricted sign-in to view it. You can also view it on Zemmour’s Twitter page.

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