World Bank warns against future economic hardship

Press TV
August 13, 2011

Amid the ongoing financial crisis in the United States and Europe, World Bank (WB) President Robert Zoellick has warned that more dangerous times will be ahead for the global economy.

“In the past couple of weeks, the world has moved from a troubled multi-speed recovery to a new and more dangerous phase,” Zoellick told the Weekend Australia newspaper on Saturday.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

He also said the eurozone’s sovereign debt issues were more troubling than the medium and long-term problems that led to the downgrading of the US’s rating by the credit ratings agency, Standard Poor’s last week.

“We are in the early moments of a new and different storm, it’s not the same as [the] 2008 [financial crisis],” he added.

The head of the World Bank urged the European leaders to approach their debt problems with a greater sense of urgency.

“The lesson of 2008 is that the later you act, the more you have to do,” Zoellick said.

He also questioned whether troubled European nations could “ever get ahead of the problems that have plagued them.”

Zoellick pointed out that the world is now involved in redesigning the international financial system and that power is moving rapidly to fast-growing nations like China.

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7 Responses to “World Bank warns against future economic hardship”

  1. look at all of you here. calling the politician all bastards and pieces of shit but on another thread you worship the politician. make up your fucking minds already. either they’re a hero or a maggot. Not both. What they’re doing is bringing down this country to a second or third world nation. Its a gobalist plan that started in the u.n. and every politician in d.c. and throughout the world is obeying. get a clue for once in your life.

  2. Getting tired of these people.. I do not want to belong to their GLOBAL SOCIETY– PERIOD. They can take their global free trade, global finance, global currency, global religion, global eugenics, global warming, global trouble making and stick ALL of it where the sun does not shine!
    Arrest them all.. you’ll know them by what they preach… LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE WE GET ALONG VERY WELL WITHOUT YOUR GLOBAL HELP

  3. This is just getting us all warmed up to the idea of a global currency. Bend over people.

  4. Zoellick is correct……….we’re moving into a very dangerous phase………the time has come whereby all of these lying corrupt nwo nazi whores will be hunted down……..NO TRIALS, NO PRISON TIME………STRAIGHT TO FUCKING HELL ! GAME OVER BITCHES ! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU !

  5. The engneers of the greatest train wreck in modern history wants to help us once the untold millions have past on with their visions of grandeur.
    If love satanism your going to enjoy the pain that’s coming.
    If you love GOD their is nothing to be afraid of.

    • If YOU love satanism…..

  6. These Bastards stole all the money and wrecked societies world wide its time to bring them to prison we know there 100%guilty the truth is out.

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