Italians Revolt as Black Migrants Overwhelm Island



Residents of Lampedusa are protesting against migrants arriving on their overwhelmed island after the Italian government facilitated the entry of 870 more in a single weekend, according to reports.

A total of approximately 870 illegal migrants who departed from North Africa were brought ashore on Friday and Saturday under the supervision of Italian authorities and armed forces.

Nearly 370 were intercepted aboard a fishing boat about four miles from land and then “disembarked in small groups to adhere to the mitigating measures related to the pandemic,” Television Malta reports.

Between Friday and Saturday, another 500 migrants arrived in more than 30 vessels of varying sizes, according to AFP.

Local residents expressed their outrage, staging protests at the port and confronting local officials and police who were reportedly deployed to crack down on opposition.

“It has happened, but it should NEVER have happened: Italian law enforcement forces use force against other Italians to protect clandestine landing. Tunisian fishing boat unloads 500 illegal Africans in Lampedusa. Lampedusans occupy the port but are evicted,” Radio Savana reported.

Another video posted by Radio Savana shows furious citizens berating Lampedusa Mayor Totò Martello.

“Lampedusa can no longer cope with this situation. Either the government takes immediate decisions or the whole island will go on strike. We can’t manage the emergency and the situation is now really unsustainable,” said Lampedusa Mayor Totò Martello.

“If a fishing boat of this size with hundreds of people arrives here and nobody notices it, it means that there are no controls in the Mediterranean. But what do the military vessels do? We are not at war, why not use them for security interventions at sea and to transfer migrants?”

Lampedusa has been inundated with illegal migrants this year, with over 5,000 arriving between early July and early August, as Infowars Europe recently reported.

The island’s native population is estimated to be between 6,000 and 6,500 people.

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