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Canada’s Satanic State Broadcaster Promotes Segment on ‘Kid Drag Queens’

Having disgusting homosexuals prance around Toronto half-naked in a big parade of HIV-infected perverts wearing thongs and leather is not enough for Progressive Paradise Canada. No, filthy goyim, the bet must be increased. The queer lobby had to move the goal posts even further and they’ve arrived at: child drag queens. Makes sense. This is […]

CONFIRMED: CNN celebrated Antifa firebomb attacker as one of "the good guys" during segment praising left-wing “activism”

(Natural News) Americans who follow news and events and are honest with themselves have long known that the so-called “mainstream media” has not been ‘journalism’ for quite some time, and instead has taken on the role of serving as the Democratic Party’s propaganda division. In fact, some have speculated that the establishment press […]

60 Minutes Segment on Superbugs Didn’t Mention Research About How Exposure to Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Can Increase Antibiotic Resistance

April 24, 2019 By B.N. Frank If you didn’t catch 60 Minutes this week, their segment on Superbugs and antibiotic resistance was terrifying.  Antibiotic resistance is already a matter of life and death for some people and it’s only supposed to get worse. Research has demonstrated that bacteria exposed to cell phone and WiFi radiation […]

Fox News Covers “60 Minutes” Segment On Kids And Screens: “Kids’ Brains Are Being Damaged”

December 13, 2018 By B.N. Frank Tucker Carson and psychotherapist and author Tom Kersting had an intense 3-minute discussion about the recent CBS 60 Minutes segment on research that confirmed kids’ brains are being harmed by screen use.  This isn’t their first discussion about the topic.  They concluded by agreeing that it’s unfortunate everyone seems […]

Irish TV shows monster kicking caravan into sea before news segment on fatal caravan cliff-fall

TG4 aired the uncanny intro on Wednesday night which showed three giant beast-like figures as they made their way to the coast. One can be seen fishing in the sea, another drags a caravan along the ground, while the third kicks a caravan into the ocean. Unfortunately, the promo was directly followed up by a […]

BBC Caught Cherry-Picking Anti-Privacy Computer Scientists for Segment

Via: Sputnik – 15.08.2018 The BBC was caught red-handed engaging in manipulation after it declined to invite a potential guest for a segment on computer security, turning the expert down because he refused to state why it would be a good idea to put “back-doors” into cryptographic systems. When “the UK Home Secretary […]

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