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Film Studio for the ‘Gay Jesus’ Netflix Show Was Bombed in Christmas Eve Attack

(TMU) — The comedy studio responsible for the new Netflix film The First Temptation of Christ, which features a storyline with a gay Jesus, was attacked in a firebombing on Christmas Eve. A group of men reportedly threw Molotov cocktails at the Porta dos Fundos headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, according to local police. No one […]

Best Studio Headphones Under 100 Dollars – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Studio Headphones Under 100 Dollars – With a great pair of studio headphones, you can hear every minor detail while tracking, mixing, laying down beats and recording tracks on your electronic drum kit without disturbing the neighbors, or you can just listening to your favorite music. But buying studio headphones can be confusing. There […]

Suspect In Deadly Japan Arson Said Studio Plagiarized His Work

A 41-year-old man arrested on suspicion of Japan’s worst mass killing in nearly 20 years told police that the Kyoto Animation studio had plagiarized his work, according to CNN. Police identified the man as Shinji Aoba during a Friday press conference, however Kyoto Fushimi Police spokesperson Ryoji Nishiyama said that they had not yet established a link […]

Suspect in Kyoto Animation fire that killed 33 claims studio stole his story idea – report

The 41-year-old man, who reportedly shouted “Die!” as he set the fire, confessed his motive to police, the Kyodo News reported on Friday, citing investigative sources. He poured gasoline around the building from a bucket and was also carrying a backpack full of knives. He is believed to have started the fire at the […]

Shock Daylight Arson Attack On Japanese Anime Studio Leaves 33 Dead

A popular animation production studio in Kyoto, Japan has gone up in flames after a reported arson attack, leaving a shocking 33 people confirmed or presumed dead, and another 36 injured – some critically – according to Japanese fire department statements. It’s Japan’s worst case of arson in decades and among the highest mass casualty events in its […]

LA News Anchor Hides Under Desk As California Quake Shakes Studio

California was hit with several earthquakes earlier this week, with the largest to hit the area on Saturday having a magnitude of 7.1. Sara Donchey and Juan Fernandez were live on the air for CBS affiliate KCAL 9′s evening broadcast when the tremors struck on Saturday Video showing Donchey, who was visibly frightened, taking cover […]

Gunman kills 2, wounds 6 at yoga studio in Florida, suspect dead

Officers responded to an emergency call on Friday evening, arriving at the Hot Yoga Tallahassee studio. Multiple people suffering from gunshot wounds were found when the police arrived. Six injured victims were immediately taken to trauma care, but two died at the hospital, according to ABC. Another victim is said to be in […]

Heinz Ketchup No Longer Legally “Ketchup” In Israel

Heinz is no longer to officially considered to be ‘ketchup’ in Israel. Israel’s Health Ministry ruled in 2015 that the brand product did not contain enough “tomato solids” to be labeled as ketchup in Israeli stores and was relegated to the title “tomato seasoning” The Times Of Israel reports: The ruling was the result of […]

A Copsucker Christmas Story [SATIRE]

CLEVELAND, OH— 35-year old Travis Wayne Simpkins was shot and killed by an unidentified officer with the Cleveland Police Department at a gas station in on Christmas Eve. The incident occurred around 6:30 PM in the 3800 block of W 3rd Street. Witnesses on the scene say it may have happened because of a tragic […]

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