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Group of Jewish women attacks Arab woman

A group of Jewish women attacked an Arab woman near the Light Rail station in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem, hitting and yelling at her. The police launched an investigation into the assault on Monday. Dorit Yorden-Dotan took photographs of the incident and claims the attack she witnessed was racist in nature. “A young […]

Haredi Jew raped eight-year-old girl – sentenced to 13 years in prison

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced the haredi Jew Simcha Kaikov, 44, to 13 years in prison for raping an eight-year-old girl. Kaikov, a father of five, encountered the girl in 2008 on the street, used his haredi appearance to gain the girl’s trust and raped her in her building’s bomb shelter. The judges noted in […]

Typical media lie on CSMonitor

So today a Jewess wrote an article detailing a riot at a mall that started over a boy-band that was performing. Firstly, what is typical is whenever blacks do anything wrong, it is mentioned as “teens”. They could be fully grown adults of aged 30-40 and still be considered teens by the MSM, apparently. But […]

Albertson’s And Piggly Wiggly To Roll Out ‘Pay With Your Fingerprints’

  (Blaire Briody)  If you’ve ever wanted to pay for groceries with the touch of a finger, look no further than the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota. Two locations – a coffee shop and convenience store – on the school’s campus recently began testing fingerprint purchasing technology that allows students […]

Throw out your toothpaste! OraMD is a holistic toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener replacement all in one

(NaturalNews) It’s time to throw out your toothpaste! Over the last four months, I’ve switched from toothpaste to OraMD, a low-cost, compact liquid toothpaste that uses essential oils and functions as a toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener all at once. […]

Teacher caught on video stealing from students

Teacher caught on video stealing from students Betti Justine  By: John Roberts (Scroll down for video) A teacher suffered a major embarrassment after being caught on video stealing from students, according to press reports in California. A sophomore in a high school in California, said she was shocked when a video she set up in […]

Princeton University offers free homes to the public

Princeton University offers free homes to the public Princeton University free homes  By: Debbie Gross (Scroll down for video) Princeton University in New Jersey, is offering free homes to people, so far there were no takers. Princeton University, has an interesting offer which they hope will be a win win situation for them and for […]

Father arrested for stealing video games from hospital

Father arrested for stealing video games from hospital Jim Skursky  By: Debbie Gross A man was caught and arrested after he stole video game consoles from a hospital, meant for entertainment of sick children. The father from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was jailed after he allegedly broke into a hospital storage room and stole several game consoles […]

Florida dog shoots his owner in the leg

Florida dog shoots his owner in the leg Dog riding in a car  By: John Roberts A man was shot in the leg not by another person but by his beloved dog, according to press reports in Florida. The Florida dog did not quite live up to the reputation of their species as man’s best […]

Boss offers boy $15 hour job after being impressed with his work ethic

Boss offers boy $15 hour job after being impressed with his work ethic Jhaqueil Reagan and Art Bouvier  By: Sarah Weiss (Scroll down for video) It was a lucky day for one teenager who landed a well paying job because of his determination. Jhaqueil Reagan, 18, of Indianapolis, was desperately looking for a job when […]

Fascism in the Church: Ex-Priest On “The Pope’s War,” Clergy Abuse and Quelling Liberation Theology

As Pope Benedict XVI steps down today, we turn to a former Catholic priest who was silenced and expelled by the Pope, then Cardinal Ratzinger, in the 1980s. Matthew Fox chronicles his story in the book, “The Pope’s War: Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade Has Imperiled the Church and How It Can Be Saved.” Pope Benedict’s tenure was […]

Cape Wind Still Hopeful to Construct America’s First Offshore Wind Farm

Harnessing the power of wind off the coast of Cape Cod was the vision business owner Jim Gordon had in mind to provide renewable clean energy to the New England area. And in 2001, Gordon and his independent power company, Energy Management Inc., pursued the idea of converting solar energy into mechanical power and Cape […]

It’s Tar Sands, Not Just the Pipeline, that Threaten the Climate

The same day that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was promising a “fair and transparent” review of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast, the CEO of the company building that pipeline, TransCanada’s Russ Girling, was reported as saying that his company’s “Plan A” was finishing a different pipeline that would take […]

India: Growing Inequality and Destructive Development

Upon a foundation of deep spirituality and philosophical treasures, proclaiming unity, justice and service, New India, horns honking in violation of the good; is racing, no time to spare towards the Alter of Materiality and Market Fundamentalism. Under the careful guidance of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) The Indian government has […]

U.S. Security Establishment Increasingly Worried about Climate Change

More than three dozen national security officials, members of Congress and military leaders are warning of the threat climate change poses to U.S. national security, the latest in an indicator that U.S. intelligence and national security circles are increasingly worried about a warming planet. In a new bipartisan open letter, they stress the need for urgent […]

Scientists now know how fast a black hole spins

For the first time ever, scientists have been able to measure the precise spin rate of a ‘supermassive black hole’. The findings will provide some clue as to how some of the most mysterious objects in our universe began to form. The black hole is located in the NGC 1365 […]

36 die in violent clashes in DR Congo

A column of Congolese Army soldiers walk towards the frontline between two tanks, near the village of Kibumba, some 13 kilometers from Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on July 29, 2012. A spokesman for the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) […]

Democratic Congressman Wants States To Get Paid To Seize Guns

(Pama Levy)  A Democratic congressman from California said on Wednesday he wants to make a late addition to the gun proposals being considered by Congress and the White House. Expanded background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines have been all the talk in the push for gun control after the Newtown, Conn., schoolhouse massacre, […]

15-year-old rape victim sentenced to 100 lashes in the Maldives

A 15-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped by her step-father, has been sentenced by a court in the Maldives to 100 lashes for having pre-marital sex with another man. Police in the strict Islamic country had been investigating allegations the girl had been abused by her stepfather for years when […]

Mask of Zion Report Feb 28, 2013

Another roaring, blistering edition of the Mask of Zion of Report! The indefatigable Jonathan Azaziah opens the show an exposure of “Christian Identity” and the deceptive notion that Zionism and Judaism are different before analyzing recent developments in occupied Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and noting that a Third Intifada combined with a Syrian victory over […]

Bernanke’s legacy: Fed set to lose $500 billion

Economists predict that the US Federal Reserve could lose half a trillion dollars in just three years thanks to policies enacted by the central bank under Chairman Ben Bernanke. A study conducted by investment analysts at New York City’s MSCI Inc. suggests that Mr. Bernanke’s efforts to keep the floundering […]

Americans denied right to free speech: Analyst

The US has eroded freedom of speech, moral values and human rights for the American people over the past decades, a political activist tells Press TV. “[US President] Barack Obama came into office as a constitutional professor and we have seen him do more damage to our constitution than even […]

Pat Robertson: My Prayers Are Going To Supply A Million Dollars To Someone

(Stephen C. Webster)  On Thursday’s episode of CBN’s religious talk show “The 700 Club,” televangelist and conservative icon Pat Robertson declared that the Christian deity figure had subconsciously told him that one lucky viewer of Robertson’s program will be made a millionaire through the power of Christ. “God is going to supply a million dollars, […]

Russian Jews – Natural Born Killers

Diggers involved in Afghan ‘incident’

Australian forces have been involved in an ‘operational incident’ in Afghanistan. Source: News Limited AUSTRALIAN forces have been involved in an operational incident in Afghanistan, the Defence Department says. Details of the incident in Oruzgan province are not immediately clear, but there are no Australian Defence Force casualties, a statement from the Department of Defence […]

PM snubs KRudd in his own electorate

Campbell Newman and Julia Gillard shook hands in Brisbane yesterday but her ministers have not been so forthcoming. Picture: Jamie Hanson Source: The Courier-Mail JULIA Gillard has snubbed Labor’s most popular member, Kevin Rudd, by leaving him off the invitation list to an event in his own electorate. Despite being urged by ministers to capitalise […]

Internet blamed for crime

    Source: News Limited QUEENSLAND’S top judge has blamed social media for “divorcing young people from the reality of day-to-day life” as new statistics show 15-19-year-olds commit the most crimes of any age group. A post-mortem of national crime released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday showed the majority of Queensland offenders were mostly […]

Fire destroys Melbourne gym

FIRE has gutted a large elite gym in Melbourne’s inner east, leaving a million-dollar damage bill. The blaze began at the rear of the ESS High Performance gym, in Richmond, just after 4am (AEDT) on Friday and took about two hours to control, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade said. The gym’s owners have said hundreds of […]

North Qld police probe baby’s death

University boss calls for higher taxes TAXES should rise to improve university teacher quality, the head of Universities Australia says, ahead of an address by Tony Abbott today. Source Article from

Cast-off doctors suing top yacht club

TWO doctors thrown out of a prestigious yacht club over allegations of property damage and misconduct are suing for damages – and say the club should be forced to buy back their $75,000 berth. Dr Khodr El-Masri and Dr Randa El-Masri have taken action in the Adelaide Magistrates Court against the Cruising Yacht Club of […]

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