FEMA Communication Takeover Test Scheduled for November 9

Kurt Nimmo
October 18, 2011

FEMA, the FCC, and Homeland Security plan to commandeer the airwaves next month. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be tested at 1 PM EST on November 9. EAS alerts are transmitted over radio and television broadcast stations, cable television and other media services.

Local and state EAS components are tested weekly and monthly, but this will be the first national test of the system. It is significant that FEMA will conduct the mandatory test.

FEMA was created by executive fiat. EO 12148 was signed into law by a stroke of Jimmy Carter’s pen on July 20, 1979. FEMA is described as a federal agency designed to coordinate government response to natural disasters that overwhelm the resources of local and state authorities.

In fact, the federal agency was established as part of a martial law mechanism.

Under Reagan, FEMA was headed by Louis O. Giuffrida, the former national guard general who contributed to the Garden Plot and Cable Splicer, two sub programs under REX 84, a plan to establish concentration camps in America. Operation Cable Splicer is described as “the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government.” For more information on these martial law programs, see Mary Louise, Stalag 17, American Style Plans For Civilian Internment ( Worst).

Giuffrida, a counterinsurgency enthusiast, focused the agency’s resources on the “civil disturbance” aspect of its charter and worked to undermine Posse Comitatus. In 1982, Reagan formally militarized FEMA with National Security Decision Directive (NSDD 26). The result was a series of national training exercises led by the military. Under REX 82, civilian police from around the country received what FEMA euphemistically referred to as “military police methods” for quelling domestic political unrest.

Under Reagan, with Giuffrida at the helm, FEMA mutated “civil defense planning into a military/police version of civil society,” a plan on a collision course with Posse Comitatus.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“Hidden behind FEMA’s benevolent face as the body whose chief responsibility is disaster relief, another FEMA exists,” Ritt Goldstein wrote in 2002, referring to Bush’s effort to turn the agency into a counter-terrorism and “enemy combatant” detention outfit under the newly established Department of Homeland Security.

“At present, the final contents and disposition of the Reagan security initiatives, part of a national crisis plan, remains beyond public knowledge,” Goldstein writes. “But given the ‘War On Terror’s’ scope, even if a formal crisis is not declared, speculation exists that a de facto drift into an effective deployment of FEMA’s crisis powers could occur.”

Next month’s EAS test represents the public notification aspect of that national crisis plan. It is significant that EAS will be tested nationally. Natural disasters are usually regional affairs and do not require a nationwide response. The new national EAS system is designed for a more significant event that conforms to the implementation of martial law as envisioned under Garden Plot and Cable Splicer, a plan that was nearly revealed when Representative Jack Brooks of Texas grilled Oliver North during the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987 (see the video above).

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55 Responses to “FEMA Communication Takeover Test Scheduled for November 9”

  1. Perhaps related to the topic: Skype jamming?

    Over the past week least 3-4 alternative media talk shows I listen to experienced severe data disruptions over Skype, much like the problems Alex Jones is having in the last hour of today’s show. Due to Alex’s preference not to promote other sites/networks I’m not going to elaborate on which ones unless requested (a policy I feel needs review because the mainstream media always allows their counterparts to post credited material on television). One show in particular was very disturbing, the host switched from Skype to her cell phone and the interruptions continued! You could hear the astonishment in her voice. A caller wasn’t surprised, he indicated any digital medium is subject to backdoor hacks or concerted anti-PR campaigns on part of government agencies and private contractors. Strange in that the MSM interviews that occur with guest on Skype from time to time (CNN and MSNBC use it most) never, ever have such issues. Since Skype is essentially a Microsoft product I would steer a clear path away from it.

  2. 11-11-11 is a bad day. this people are not playing. we need millions to march and talk to the military. this people are atempting to murder us,they have virus,and all kinds of shit,from magnetick fields to make you explote to thermal expantion,laser from space call death ray,we are in deep shit here, and we are thinking that with peace we are going to acomplish anything,this people are on their way to kill us, this Ocult,illuminati,zionist,mazonic,cabal,make no mistake about it things may look normal they are not going to warn us ,but this is a good sign two days before 11 ,they have a civillian army spread all over,not tsa, no the obama civillian army as strong as the military like he say,and powerful as the military,you are not taking under consideration this army ,is made of all kinds of scum bags from minute man, black water,to kkk,to white supremasis,to meth heads and new phoenix project, and they are using microwaves and psychootronic mind control equipment working together with local police and cia,this are enemys,and ready to strike,virus,not to mention a big earth quake like we neever seen,or a nuke going off somewhere,atack to iran so the russians or china can jump in , this globalist are desperate and corner and fucking up in everything they try to pass by us,but they are in power and they control the military,of course the head of the military is with them.

  3. The Feds have already taken over the national media.

    Osama Obama
    Biden Bi nLa den

    Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama was turned into a Pentagon puppet.

    Too many stories in the news are completely fabricated to generate chatter for the Feds. They have the majority of comments on many news sites, many software generated, and are actively involved in the moderation of sites since the “death” of Osama Bin Laden 3 days after Obama released his birth certificate.

    A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

    Osama Bin Laden is a name and a riddle. It appears he was created by the New World Order. The New World Order consists of some of the richest people in the world with the goal of overthrowing the US government some from inside our own government. They are also trying to collapse our currency and are behind all of the “buy gold” hype, not to mention thousands of money making opportunities online and late night infomercials. They are positioned to make billions by slowly collapsing our economy.

    The attacks on 9/11 I believe symbolize attacks on capitalism and was a catalyst for starting a war not to mention endless defense contracts for big business. The people that make up the New World Order are media moguls, CEO’s and many others. The coup is also the reason why all the CEOs who ran in the last midterm didn’t get elected either.

    You will not read about this in the media since most of the media has been forced to cooperate or have been paid to cooperate. After all who owns the media? Big business. The same people who gave Obama a free pass with his connections to controversial characters.

    What you’re about to learn is true and not embellished in anyway. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot and begin sharing this story today to ensure our democracy for the future.

  4. Do you believe that the kind of music you listen to influences the way you act?

    Can it uplift you? Can it lead to God? Can it tear you down? Can it lead to murder? Does it steer society in good or bad directions? Can it be used by the New World Order for social engineering?

    Most definitely, yes! We need to understand how and why.

    As is our wont, 4Victory often looks at the big picture. All of the seemingly disconnected elements in our lives are interactive. To look only at the firecrackers thrown at our feet by the enemies of freedom is to miss the big picture. If we miss the big picture, we will not be able to achieve the coherence and insight necessary in our plan for victory.

    Getting a college education in music, you take a variety of courses in that subject, and in at least one of them, music is defined. Usually, it goes something like this: “Music is a series of melodies and/or harmonies organized into rhythmic patterns.” Modern music steps outside those boundaries. But music is much more than this. First, a little perspective:

    The problem with science is that consciousness is considered an artifact, or anomaly, of our brains. In fact, as our other posts on “The Literal Present” have clearly shown, it is the other way around, neurobiologists notwithstanding. Consciousness hosts reality. The physical universe exists because Consciousness dreams it.

    And so, whereas science is usually concerned only with observing HOW things work, it rarely asks WHY. “Why” is off limits, because it makes existence a function, let us say a purposeful function, of Consciousness. Mainstream science just does not get into that, having a haughty disdain for all things metaphysical. But science in a corner, oblivious to the rest of reality, rises little higher than pseudo science.

    Now back to our point that music is much more than organized sound. Beethoven was deaf in his later years but wrote his immortal 9th Symphony hearing the music only in his head. And we too hear music—nonphysical audio—in our heads. Many hear it in dreams. Clearly, music is more than organized, rhythmic sound.

    Music has a function, and this takes many avenues. Classical music, opera music, dance music, wedding music, religious music, music for meditation, romantic music, background music to enhance film and television productions, music to push shopping carts around by, elevator music, patriotic music, propaganda music, piano smashing music, bobbing rock guitars as phallic sympols music, music to warp our consciousness and degrade our character. Ah—what was that last point? Can music really tear us down? The irrefutable scientific evidence is based on RESONANCE and PHASE LOCKING.

    Imagine a tiny wisp of a girl, perhaps four years old, pushing her fat daddy on a swing. Her first push will not send him very far. But if she times it right, applying a little force at the start of each cycle, the father’s oscillations will increase until he is swinging high and wide. Resonance is a scientific principle in engineering. Strong winds induced resonance in the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and down it went. Marching soldiers are told to break cadence when crossing bridges.

    Resonance amplifies the force now being used to manipulate the planet—and our brains! HAARP 101…..!

    Resonance and Phase Locking are interactive. In the 17th Century, Dutch physicist Cristopher Von Huyghens noticed that two clocks, one running slower than the other, ran in sync if placed back to back on a wall. He deduced that two adjacent cyclical systems having nearly the same frequency tend to settle at the same frequency. Science adopted this as the theory of Phase Locking.

    Physics Today had an article years ago (date and author forgotten) documented with mathematical curves showing how the principles above apply not only to physical systems, but also to electrical and chemical systems. Of course, the body is not exempted, and of course, music—as well as movies and video games—has an effect upon the body.

    Granted that music alters our bodies, can it alter our minds? Positively or negatively?

    Tricky question! It alters our brains mechanically, as the brain operates physical, chemical, and electrical systems. But the mind is not the brain. The mind is an interface—a two-way membrane—between the Dreamer (the true eternal self) and the Dream (bodies and worlds). It is not part of the illusory physical universe but serves primarily to communicate experience from Soul to Body, and from Body to Soul. The mind is unique to a particular lifedream, and terminates with it. A new mind appears with a new lifedream. That this seems contrived awaits further exploration of the nature of reality.

    Now to the question: “Can music alter our minds?” Not really, but it communicates the empathy we have with music to the Dreamer, and the Dreamer elects to go with it or modify the Dream. Lucid dreaming, on a more sophisticated scale! Here is the heart of the creation of reality. Inexperienced Dreamers dream bodies who rummage about their dream universe in careless fashion. They move in lower levels of consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of reality that we bring to solving life’s challenges. Levels of consciousness determine the quality of society.

    Music can lift up individuals and society. Music can be self-destructive to individuals and society.

    The music industry in America was hijacked by the New World Order. Major recording studios, except for a few dedicated to classical music, reject many artists whose styles do not fit their agenda. So we get, on television, on DVDs, on radio, and in public places—junk music—non-music that tears us down, especially rap and gangsta music obsesssing on drugs and obscenities. Subliminal techniques are used to control society. For example, a heavy, steady beat not only resonates the body but also relaxes the vigilance of the brain’s “sentries” at the gate of the mind. In unsuspected ways, musical form, consisting of patterns of repetiton and the manner of variations therefrom, have subtle but extremely powerful influence on our personalities. Lyrics in religious music are sermons in disguise. Musical hypnosis is a book in itself!

    Freedom of speech, ok? And nothing makes some folks more pugilistic than attacks on their choice of music and religion. “Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what I like!”

    Regardless, music is exploited in Illuminati programming for the systematic destruction of humanity. And good music, which humanizes us in a cold, dark world, has been quashed in endless ways, not least, in public schools. For thirty years or more, especially following Reagan, budgets have been quashed for music in particular and the arts in general. They now are regarded as “nonessentials”, and relegated to the nebulous realm of “extra-curricular activities”. Often, these are offered only before the normal class day begins, or after it ends. Science, math, and engineering are all that matters to the Satanists push for technology to control and end our lives.

    The highest conception of music is that it communicates God’s love between Dreamer and Dream—Soul and Body. If the connection is strong, our lives radiate love, and we more rapidly approach God.

    This is part of the big picture. Music is one of many elements, a major dynamic, playing a role in the course of humanity. Could we really live without it? It goes back to human prehistory, if only as beating sticks together. As we struggle to find a better future, knowing we cannot return to the failure mode of the past, search for, and demand, the best in music!

    • From the book Scarlet and the Beast vol. 1.

      Before Masonry discovered that music could be used in revolution, others had long before proven its effect on the human body. Seidel writes: A 16th century composer, Gioseffo Zarlino, experimented with what he called the four humors of the body and the four modes of music. Athanasius Kircher demonstrated in the 17th century how musical tones could move each of the four humors. Kircher used several glasses, each filled with a different liquid which corresponded t each of the four humors. As a moistened finger was rubbed around the rim of the glasses, producing a musical tone, each fluid was set in a different FREQUENCY of motion which resulted in each humor being moved by a particular tone. In the 18th century, E.A. Nicolai described muscles, nerves, and arteries as fibers that were either dissonant or consonant. He demonstrated that music could alter the condition of those fibers. H. W. Albrecht, professor of anatomy at Gottingten wrote that the fibers (muscles), when they were too loose or tight, could be retuned by music. Less than a century after Freemasonry successfully used Mozart’s music to incite revolution, music was scientifically proven to alter physiological states. Seidel writes…

    • ”’][”’ {[]} {[]} ][_ ”’][”’ {[]} {[]} ][_ ”’][”’ {[]} {[]} ][_

      (Right In Two)
      Monkey killing monkey killing monkey.
      Over pieces of the ground.
      Silly monkeys give them thumbs.
      They make a club.
      And beat their brother, down.
      How they survive so misguided is a mystery.

      Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye,
      to heaven conscious of ones fleeting time here.

      I have come curiously close to the end, down
      Beneath my self indulgent pitiful hole. Defeated I
      Concede and move closer. I may find comfort here
      I may find peace within the emptiness. How pitiful.

      It’s calling me

      And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping.
      The moon tells me a secret. My confidant.
      ‘As full and bright as I am, this light is not my own
      A million light reflections pass over me’
      It’s source is bright and endless.
      She resuscitates the hopeless
      Without her we are lifeless satellites drifting.

      And as I pull my head out
      I am without one doubt
      Don’t want to be down here
      Serving my narcissism I
      Must crucify the ego
      Before it’s far too late
      I pray the light lifts me out
      Before I pine away.

      So crucify the ego
      Before it’s far too late
      To leave behind this place so
      Negative and blind and cynical
      And you will come to find
      That we are all one mind
      Capable of all that’s
      Imagined and all conceivable

      Eye on the TV ’cause tragedy thrills me, whatever flavour It happens to be like;
      Killed by the husband, drowned by the ocean, shot by his own son
      She used the poison in his tea and kissed him goodbye
      That’s my kind of story, it’s no fun ’til someone dies

      Don’t look at me like I am a monster Look at your own face
      as you drool and stare like a junkie into the TV
      Stare like a zombie while the mother holds her child,
      watches him die, hands to the sky crying Why, oh why?

      ’cause I need to watch things die From a distance
      Vicariously I, live while the whole world dies
      You all need it too, don’t lie
      Much better you then I

      ”’][”’ {[]} {[]} ][_ ”’][”’ {[]} {[]} ][_ ”’][”’ {[]} {[]} ][_

    • I believe Dr. Leonard Horowitz could be a new age cronie, but his presentation on Star war weapons covers the Solfeggio tones. He claims that the Catholic System changed the original 6 tones to 7, promoting druidic chants. He shows that when any of the Hebrew letters are chanted next to a vibrating plate of sand, that the letter will form. Music is one of the most important things in existence. But where do you find truly uplifting music anymore? So we are facing frequency weapons, like cell phone towers and whatever they have elsewhere, HAARP, space weapons, etc. We are facing biological weapons that make other weapons look like child’s play. We are facing weather modification, constant spraying of the skies that most people still don’t want to acknowledge is going on. Most of the world’s food supply is tainted in numerous ways. The shots full of contaminants on purpose. A bunch of devil worshipping, human sacrificing, human blood drinking lunatics are running things. And too top it all off, and what I’ve mentioned here is not all, most people, not just in America now, but worldwide, are completely spellbound by the fiber optic network. Except these days sould be shortened, no flesh will be saved.

  5. Remember some lady called in earlier this year and warned that 9 11 november 9 something may happen? Alex asked that she call in again. Anyone know more on this?….dun dun dun

    • virg your are correct. She talked about an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault etc,etc,etc…

      AND F.E.M.A. was to have a drill for such an event.

  6. a test run for 11.11.11

    • The timing certainly seems that there may be an interpretive correlation. People ought to inform themselves about that particular date. Patriots union dot org. †

  7. Ron Paul says he gets more complaints about FEMA, being of no use, than all other federal agencies combined so I would think that FEMA’s days are numbered.

    • Good Riddance!

  8. I am curious. I have noticed a lot of Rail Road upkeep and repairs taking place. And very little Road repair. You don’t suppose FEMA is getting ready to hijack the RR system do you? They have a lot of facilities in their 10 Districts that are all connected by rail. It may come sooner than later, the take over that is- the money would not be spent on a rail system except to keep it ready for a moments notice.

    • One of the requirements for the FEMA camps are that they need to be on a rail – this makes total sense when you look in to it and think about it.

    • I’m unaware of the validity of what you’ve posted. But, if that is the case, railroads are easily susceptible to sabotage. VERY easy. †

    • AMTRAK /US ARMY/ AIR FORCE is all FEMA Now . It will be Full Blown WW3 soon , Dollar will Crash and Marshall Law will be Set in Place. It’s the NWO and it is Revleations and that’s the way it works . Pease Sells but Whos’ Buying ? Get a Vaccine Shot or 3 take lots of Wholesome Pills , Get in Line for a RFID Chip , Then Bow Down to Your Masters Lick, some Boots , Eat lot’s of GMOs , Wash it down with Lots of Floride …. Thats it “O” and Keep Fighting Amongst Your Selves , Divide and Concour …. Live Free or Die . Have a Nice Day !!

      • Martial law may not be a foregone conclusion. There are a lot of good people in the military who are waking up, and will do what is right when it matters most.

  9. Cool a total broadcast control system for the entire communications network.

    He who rules the air waves wins the revolution of hearts and minds. So , we take or turn it off it when the time comes.

    Art of war 101.

    • Lets opt out by unplugging the idiot box, and taking the battery out of the mobile phone.

  10. Fed-Up California Doctors Finally Band Together on Marijuana

    COMMENTARY | Who do you want deciding which drugs are beneficial for you should you find yourself ill or in chronic pain? Doctors or politicians? That’s the battle going on in California where federal prosecutors of their own volition and in contrast with Obama administration policy have recently targeted medicinal marijuana distributors. Some California doctors have had enough, and on Friday in Anaheim, Calif., according The Huffington Post, members of the California Medical Association called for the legalization of marijuana.

    “It is an open question whether cannabis is useful or not,” said Donald Lyman, a Sacramento physician who wrote the group’s new policy. “That question can only be answered once it is legalized and more research is done. Then, and only then, can we know what it is useful for.”

    For my part, I’m not sure where the argument against the doctors even comes from unless politicians are getting kickbacks from drug cartels. Seriously? Where is the justifiable argument against trusting doctors more than patients on the matter of patient care?

    Doctors are the most trusted scientists in our society. Charged with our well being and mandated under an ethical code more rigorous than that of the Congress or the president, doctors legally prescribe all sorts of drugs, often experimentally, without fear from federal prosecutors and without concern that political decisions will preempt their patient care decisions.

    Of course, the same doctor that prescribes morphine, oxycodone, percoset, ritalin (to children no less), xanex, lithium and any of the other potentially dangerous drugs in their trust should be entrusted with the power to decide whether or not marijuana, that has never been responsible directly for any human death and which has proven to be nonaddictive, should be part of the care decisions they make in their practice of the science of medicine.

    Of course politicians have no jurisdiction in the determination of such matters. What’s baffling is that anyone credibly disagrees.

  11. All you conservatives thought Rompin Ronnie from California was the “greatest President “ever,

    • And you think Obomber is. Your point?

      • they(the governators,that is) are all smoke and mirrors is my point.
        FYI in my comments,only the black words mean something stop reading the white words.
        Republicans and Democrats S—U—c—k and should be criminalized

        • And Zionists control them all. Banks, congress, media, wall st. state sponsered terror, etc.

  12. Funny how all the scumbags say they are gonna cut taxes and shrink government
    while they are running for President, then they create a new bureaucracy that we
    have to sink 100′s of billions a year into.

    I guess they don’t believe God when he says that He hates all liars!! I can’t wait
    to see them all roasting …

    And I’m tired of seeing the same ole Ollie boy video. Get something new.

  13. This reminds me of Halloween 3. “12 more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!!!”

    • dang man I called my dad ….he had me on speaker… I told him and my mom said the same thing about Halloween 3!! at the same time I was reading your comment!! Something bad is coming in that transmission…. do not be near any radio,tv, or computer at that time!!

      • I’m not afraid of that ghost.

      • Son? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…*LOL*

      • No way that was coincidence! Thank you both for the warning!

  14. I wish I knew what the were gonna do, it’s driving me nuts.

    • No matter what they do your defense is still the same. Spread the word, prepare for living withut grocery store for 6 months. Buy handgun, a rifle, a shotgun and alot of bullets.

      • Seeds and barter items such as sewing needles, pocket knives, coffee and shoe laces are good to have. Water will be the real problem. Luckily, I have a draw well…

        • Tons of tobacco!!

        • Jack Daniels sells 35 gallon oak barrels of whiskey….I need to invest.

        • And don’t forget an ice machine powered by a solar panel. When you get that put together, I’ll come over with the cigars, brother Tyre3d.

  15. In reality the planet is in shambles and civilization and humanity have been waring since our inception, and it contiues today. Millions die each and every year, and the world continues to be in jeopardy from chemical destruction, viral destruction, poverty/hunger destruction, and mass destruction death.

    SO do not be alarmed and all is well, have a drink, smile, smell the roses as they say, and enjoy your life today and help someone.

    • maybe ill get to have the whole bottle before they drag me into a camp

    • Yes, helping others is where its at. I agree 100%. Builds good Karma

      • God can be found through Love and molten lead.

    • No true hope for those who cling to the “human way of thinking”! The only hope is in the promises of the Almighty God, as revealed to the true prophets. The creation of a “new heaven and a new earth” in which “righteousness dwells” is one of the Almigty’s promises! Of course, they who love wickedness more than righteousness will do their very best to dismiss this, and deny the Authority of the Almighty, and deny that there is life after death. Why? Because they refuse the love of the truth so as to be saved! Little do those who think this way realize that this is reason the Almighty actually gives them over to their “defiling passions”, which is why there are wars and rumors of wars, fighting, and all the other problems in this world! You say, in essence, that we should “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”. Isn’t this typical of the “human way of thinking”? Do you mean in what you said that there is no life after death? I say THERE IS! Those who think as humanity does, are without hope, and without faith in the promise of ressurection as exemplified in the divine Jesus, The Christ. The door is still open, but soon, VERY SOON, that door will be closed. I have done what is commanded by the Almighty through the prophets to WARN human beings of the consequences of their actions, therefore, their “blood” will not be on my hands! I can do no more.


  17. This is probably the worst sign of all. A media takeover dry run.

  18. Fema Camps are ready for a major disaster people.


  20. remember folks that the NEW WORLD ORDERIANS are into numerolgy.

    That would make the date 11,9,11

    Or 11 911 or if yoru quasy autistic as in MALAYAM

    11911 the same frontwards and backwards.

    • Don’t let VictimofTortureandAbuse (aka YouAreTheMan) read this. He has an extreme phobia for palindromes.

      • also aka onlyfoolsneedthelastword…how many id’s does this guy use here?

        • who wants to bet ittakesavillage and goodgirl are one in the same as well…

  21. Near-Earth asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass within 0.85 lunar distances from the Earth on November 8, 2011. Possible coincidence?

  22. I took a look at the NSDD link. I didn’t see anything insidious about it. It is planning for a nuclear event and it even states in it ” to provide for the survival of a substantial portion of the US population. Now, they could be referring to USA inc. In which case we’re screwed or perhaps they’re referring to us. ~smirk~

    • Put this together with the ongoing buildup to WW3 (or is it already going on?), and the pieces to the puzzle seem to fit.

    • COG, you mean?

  23. 4 days after the mass bank withdrawals. The OWS protestors should be fine. They’re already institutionalized. They will do well at camp.

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