Jews Demand Firing Of State Department Employee For Quoting Bible Identifying Jews As An Anti-Christ ‘Brood Of Vipers’

Jews continue to fume after the U.S. State Department has so far refused to fire Fritz Berggren — a long-time U.S. Foreign Service officer — who had the temerity on his private blog to actually quote chapter and verse in the Bible where Jesus Christ and the apostles excoriate the Jews:

[Berggren] remains employed by the State Department while at least 70 of his co-workers sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken demanding his dismissal. The letter, sent July 28, argues that Fritz Berggren is a threat to Jewish employees at the State Department, and has violated department rules and ethical standards, Foreign Policy reported after obtaining a copy.

“Not only is his propagation of antisemitic ideas highly disturbing and offensive to Jewish and non-Jewish employees alike, but as Jewish employees, we feel his presence at the Department is threatening,” the letter reads, according to Foreign Policy.

For years, Berggren has maintained a website featuring screeds against Jews and the LGBTQ community, and promoting white Christian supremacy.

Jesus Christ came to save the whole world from the Jews — the founders of the original Anti-Christ religion, they who are the seed of the Serpent, that brood of vipers,” Berggren wrote in an Oct. 4, 2020, post on his website titled “Jews are Not God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christian is Anti-Christ.”

The Jewish Americans and Friends in Foreign Affairs employee group at the State Department organized the letter along with other Jewish State Department employees.

Foreign Policy reported that Blinken, who is Jewish, responded to the letter on Aug. 9. “I want to assure you that the Department treats reports of alleged misconduct with the utmost seriousness,” he wrote in the letter, adding that he could not comment on specifics for “privacy reasons.” The letter to Blinken was sent two days after a carving of a swastika was found in an elevator at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., on July 26. That incident led Blinken and other top U.S. officials to issue condemnations of antisemitism.

While there is no evidence that Berggren is behind the swastika carved into the Department elevator, his continued employment with seemingly no consequences sends a message of impunity that has undoubtedly contributed to the atmosphere in which someone would dare to do such a thing,” the letter reads. The letter also noted that Berggren appeared to have violated State Department rules when he displayed his government affiliation in a July 3 post.

Berggren responded to news reports about the letter with a post on his website. “I am heartened to know that I have Jewish readers — I truly hope that they, like Saul, come to know Jesus Christ as literally the Son of God,” he wrote. “Saul, renamed Paul, converted and began preaching the message: Jesus is the Son of God!” He added, “If even one Jew or Gentile is converted then it is well worth the trouble.”

Foreign Policy reported that Blinken’s response to concerns about Berggren has been met with anger and frustration by some and understanding by others, who concede that Blinken has limited power to control the speech of his employee.

We reported on this infantile brouhaha when the Jews first got wind of Berggren’s blog earlier this year — when he trolled “Jewish Fragility” in a blog post — which sent them into hysterics — and proved his point.

Given that a swastika was found in the elevator not too long after the Jews complained about Berggren — and their complaints were ignored — it would be foolish not to conclude that it was one of many Jews at the State Department who carved that swastika — so as to “prove” how “dangerous” and “threatening” Berggren’s blog is to the security of the entire nation — and world.

Jews literally want us to believe that Berggren’s blog inspired one of his readers to risk their career and reputation by scratching a swastika in an elevator in one of the most heavily guarded and surveilled buildings in the world.

The fact that one of the hundreds of video cameras at the State Department didn’t catch the swastika maker, suggests that whoever carved it was probably wearing a yarmulke — so the incriminating video disappeared.

In one of their major news outlets, Jews themselves openly bragged that when they “get angry”, they “get their way” — which encourages them to be an impatient and spoiled group of malcontents when on those rare occasions they don’t get their way.

And what has all this Jewish “kvetching” accomplished — aside from giving Breggen’s blog free advertising and increasing his loyal readership?

Thanks to Jews complaining about anything and everything — no matter how trivial — without considering the consequences, they wake up the goyim to credible and persuasive anti-Jewish materials which they otherwise would never have heard of, such as Martin Luther’s barn-burner, “On The Jews And Their Lies.”

And the Jews can’t refute what Breggen — or Martin Luther — has said about them — using the Bible as his authority — so they just do a lot of hand wringing and call him an “antisemite” — whatever that means.

Most “judeo-Christians” are kept completely in the dark about who the Jews are by their own apostate ministers who know that if they mention the Jews at all except but to praise them, they will risk losing their lucrative positions, mansions, private jets, and tax exempt status by the government.

Young, ambitious Christian ministers today quickly learn that the road to fame and fortune in the pulpit runs through Tel Aviv.

All despite the fact that the Jews by definition are anti-Christ — they reject Jesus Christ as the promised messiah of Israel, and Christians are commanded to have nothing to do with anyone who rejects Christ — apparently except for the Jews, at least according to Pope Francis.

If Jews are adamantly anti-Christ, what could any “judeo-Christian values” possibly be? Without faith in — and the grace of — Jesus Christ, the law of the Old Testament becomes a trap — a literal death penalty.

What do Christians have in common with the anti-Christ — the satanic adversaries of our God?

And to make sure that Christians never realize that Jesus Christ rejected the Jews and everything they stand for, the Jews are working hard to have all “anti-Jewish” passages literally removed from the New Testament — while at the same time making sure they never learn the depth of hatred that Jews have toward Jesus Christ and Christians expressed openly in their “holy” book the Talmud.

In his wry response to this controversy, Breggen wrote on his blog:

“I feel like I’m in junior high school again listening to prissy girls whining about the boy who said bad words….And the teacher has to satisfy their demands for punishment….I’m the naughty-words boy. I say things that are ‘sexist, racist, homophobic, queerphobic, transphobic, intolerant, divisive, and anti-semitic. ’The girls can’t believe someone like me exists,” he continued. “Their pony tails unravel, they stutter, their fancy shoes fall off. I’ve violated their high-minded moralities. ‘What is to be done!’ they shriek….This generation owes an apology to the Puritans.”

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