Kennedy is the first candidate in American history to be denied Secret Service protection

  • Elected officials are actively working to censor, silence and smear anyone who disagrees with them, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for president
  • As a major presidential candidate, Kennedy is entitled to Secret Service protection, but Biden is blocking that too. Kennedy is the first candidate in American history to be denied Secret Service protection
  • Through a lawsuit brought against President Biden by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri, we’ve learned that the Biden administration began censoring Kennedy on Biden’s second day in office. In early July 2023, U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana prohibited Biden administration officials from working with social media companies to limit protected speech
  • Transactional freedom is as important as freedom of expression, because if the government can starve you and put you out of your home by debanking you and blocking access to financial services, they can easily create a slave society. As president, Kennedy would end this trend by eliminating federal benefits and federal contracts with banks that punish people for their beliefs. He’s also committed to blocking programmable central bank digital currencies, and maintaining cash as legal tender in perpetuity
  • Kennedy, who is very fit, recently agreed to a pull-up competition against Russell Brand if Brand raises $100,000 for his presidential campaign. As president, he wants to reinvigorate the Presidential Council on Physical Fitness to bring physical fitness back into the high school curriculum

In this video, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses his presidential campaign, which has gained significant traction, despite censorship and the barriers set up by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

“The polling shows my favorability rating is better than any other candidate,” Kennedy says, “So … I’m very, very happy with the way things have gone up to now.”

We also discuss some of the issues he intends to tackle if he gets into the White House. By now, it’s clear that, as a country, we’re facing a constitutional crisis. Elected officials are actively working to censor, silence and smear anyone who disagrees with them, including Kennedy.

In fact, we recently learned through the lawsuit brought against President Biden by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri that the Biden administration began censoring Kennedy on Biden’s second day in office.

A Direct Attack on First Amendment Rights

Kennedy had initially filed a separate class action lawsuit against Biden (Kennedy v. Biden, alleging key Biden officials colluded with Big Tech to censor free speech, but due to their similarities and overlap, his case was consolidated into Missouri v. Biden.2

In early July 2023, U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana granted the plaintiffs’ injunction, prohibiting federal agencies and Biden administration officials from working with social media companies to limit protected speech. Commenting on the judge’s decision, Kennedy says:

“It’s a 155-page decision, and it details this very troubling chronicle of the Biden administration coming into office. Thirty-seven hours after President Biden took the oath of office, the White House was contacting Twitter and other social media sites … actually threatening them with retaliation if they did not remove me from their platforms.

Soon after that, they started going after many other people, including you, and many of other people who were criticizing the COVID lockdowns and some of the countermeasures that the public health agencies and the White House had implemented.

And it’s disturbing … They had to make up a new word, because so many of us were putting up information that they couldn’t actually call misinformation. In fact, Facebook and Twitter pushed back and said, ‘This is actually true what these guys are saying.’

They couldn’t call it misinformation or disinformation, so they invented a new word called ‘malinformation.’ That word means or denotes statements that are true but nevertheless inconvenient for the White House or the government.

And they weren’t just censoring statements about COVID policies and COVID countermeasures. Soon after that, they began censoring critics of the Ukraine War. In one instance, they were censoring a satire about President Biden and his wife. This should be shocking to every person, regardless of your political party.

The U.S. government should not be using its power to force publishers to silence its opponents, its critics, its adversaries or people who question government policies. That’s why we have the First Amendment.

The threat that the government, that the White House, was applying, was that if the social media sites did not comply, did not obey the orders to censor us, the White House would work at removing their Section 230 immunity. That’s Section 230 of the Communications Act, and that immunity is absolutely critical to the survival of these companies.

It gives social media platforms immunity from defamation lawsuits. In other words, if you were to publish a defamatory statement about me in The New York Times that was not true, that was damaging to me, I could sue you individually, but I could also sue The New York Times. And so, for every article that goes up on The New York Times, there are lawyers who review that article for potentially defamatory statements.

But social media sites, if they had to hire a lawyer to look at every post, they would be out of business overnight. So, Congress gave them this extraordinary power that they can publish defamatory material on their site and I can sue the guy who wrote that material, but I can’t sue Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook or Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg has described the Section 230 immunity as existential. In other words, Facebook could not exist without it. Well, the White House was threatening to withdraw that. In other words, ‘We will destroy your company if you do not censor our critics.’ That has stepped over a lot of boundaries … [and is] a direct attack on the First Amendment of our Constitution.”

Government Acted on False Information From Hate Group

The justification for much of this censorship was the reporting of a front group for the globalist cabal called the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). In one of its earliest reports,3 the CCDH identified 12 individuals, including me and Kennedy, who it claimed were responsible for 73% of vaccine misinformation on social media.

A subsequent investigation by Facebook revealed the so-called “disinformation dozen” were responsible for only 0.05% of all views of vaccine-related content on the platform,4 yet the federal government continued to cite this fabricated report as the reason for why they wanted the people listed in it censored by Big Tech.

“You and I have been libeled, I would say, tens of thousands of times across the media, globally, because of the false statements of this group,” Kennedy notes.

The Department of Homeland Security, FBI and CIA even used the CCDH’s “Disinformation Dozen” report to identify us as “domestic threat actors,” which is akin to putting people on a domestic terrorist list based on hearsay from a random barfly.

It’s definitely not what one would expect from so-called intelligence experts. Either they didn’t do any due diligence to confirm the accusations leveled, or they’re colluding with the CCDH and knowingly used false information to target American civilians. I’m not sure which is worse. Either way, it’s another reason for the rapid erosion of people’s trust and confidence in these agencies.

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Ironies and Paradoxes Abound

Now that the Republicans are in control of Congress, they’ve been able to subpoena the CCDH and, hopefully, their investigation will expose the true intent behind this group.

“The whole thing is very sketchy,” Kennedy says. “First of all, the group Center for Countering Digital Hate is actually a hate group by every definition. It’s also foreign funded. It’s funded by dark money, but it’s all foreign. And it was started by high-level officials in the British government, who almost certainly have ties to the British intelligence agencies …

And then, the people who run the organization are very, very sketchy individuals who’ve been skirting the law for a long time and [been] involved with a lot of nefarious activities. It’s interesting, because a lot of people, particularly high-level officials in the Democratic Party, have been concerned about Russian interference in American elections.

Well, here you have a foreign government directly censoring critics of the administration, and the administration admittedly taking its cues from a foreign government that wanted to censor people. So, there are a lot of ironies here and a lot of disturbing paradoxes.”

Biden Is Denying Kennedy Secret Service Protection

Kennedy is also being censored in other, rather dramatic and downright life-threatening ways. He recently filed a request for Secret Service protection, which Biden denied. Under Title 18 U.S.C. 3056(a)(7), all major presidential and/or vice presidential candidates are eligible for Secret Service protection.5

By all accounts, Kennedy should qualify. As he explains, after his father’s assassination, Congress passed a law that major candidates are entitled to Secret Service protection for at least 120 days before the general election. The threshold you have to meet to be considered a “major” candidate has a poll rating of 15% for one month.

Kennedy has far surpassed that threshold. The president also has the discretion to grant Secret Service protection to anyone at any time, not just presidential candidates. John Bolton, for example, a former national security adviser who retired in 2006, has Secret Service protection to this day, as do many other former government officials. The president can also extend the length of time that a candidate can be under Secret Service protection before the general election.

“My uncle was given Secret Service protection for almost 500 days prior to the election, even when he was not even a candidate,” Kennedy says, “and he was given that protection by President Carter, with whom he had a very adversarial relationship.

He ended up running against President Carter and they didn’t like each other, but President Carter was a classy person and did what he should have done, which is to provide Teddy with protection.

Barack Obama, I think got it 500 days early. Shirley Chisholm and Jesse Jackson got it early. John McCain was offered it early. I think there’s probably about 20 or 30 candidates who’ve been offered it early in recent history. And as far as we’ve been able to tell, there has never been a candidate who applied for Secret Service protection to whom it was denied.

I’m the first. It was an historical event and it was clearly a political choice. It was not based upon a threat assessment. It was clearly based upon a political calculation. And I think that’s disturbing …

I have stalkers that I deal with on an everyday basis, literally every single day, and I get death threats quite often. I had a death threat two weeks ago that appears to have been calculated to try to shut down one of my rallies in Charleston, South Carolina … About three weeks ago, a month maybe now, I had a mentally ill person come into my home, [and made it] to the third floor.”

Of course, knowing the history of what happened with Kennedy’s father and uncle, one wonders whether he could really trust the Secret Service with his life anyway. He’s currently protected by a private security firm, Gavin de Becker and Associates, which is one of the leading security firms in the country.

Transactional Freedom Is Essential

As many of you know, JP Morgan Chase Bank recently debanked my business, along with two of my top executives and their families. This debanking trend is, I believe, a precursor to a social credit score system where people will be punished by association. If elected president, what does Kennedy intend to do to stop this?

“As president, I will end this practice by the banks,” he says. “I will … cut off all federal benefits and federal contracts with banks that are punishing people for political beliefs, that are denying them access to institutional banking services because of their political beliefs or because of their political statements. It’s wrong, and it’s the ultimate weapon of totalitarian regimes.

We saw this happen in Toronto during the truckers protest … It was a peaceful protest. If you look at the videos of it, it was like Woodstock. There were clearly false flag events going on during that protest, where government or somebody was trying to frame the truckers …

The government of Canada under the Trudeau regime used surveillance techniques, including facial recognition systems and other techniques to capture the license plates of the trucks to identify their owners and then freeze all their bank accounts.

So, the leaders and the participants in the protest all woke up one day and their bank accounts had been frozen. These are people who had not violated the law. They weren’t charged with violating the law. They were never convicted. And yet, suddenly, they found themselves in a position where they could not pay their bills.

They could not buy gasoline. Their credit cards didn’t work. They couldn’t feed their children. I talked to one trucker who was in criminal trouble because he couldn’t pay his alimony. They couldn’t pay their mortgages and they couldn’t pay their rent.

It occurred to me then that transactional freedom is as important as freedom of expression, because if you have a government that can essentially starve you to death and put you out of your home, you can easily make an entire society a slave society …

If the government has the power to do that to you, then it really has ultimate power over all of us. One of the things that I’ve been fighting against the issuance … [of] a central bank digital currency (CBDC), to eliminate paper dollars. And in that case, every transaction that you make — if you buy a porn magazine, if you buy alcohol, whatever you do — the government is going to know about it and you will be subject to blackmail or pressure.

It’s a calamity for human rights and for civil rights. And so, as president, I will end the efforts to move toward a central bank digital currency. I’ll do everything I can to maintain paper cash as legal tender in this country, and make sure that we’re committed to doing that forever.

Americans know how basic it is to their rights. And then there are other alternatives like Bitcoin, which give you even a better protection than cash. It also gives you protection from inflation and all of the other hazards that come along with fiat currencies.”

Another Option: State Banking Systems

Another alternative is for states to do what North Dakota has done, which is to create a state banking system that is locally owned and bypasses the Federal Reserve. As explained by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance:6

“In North Dakota, the banking sector bears little resemblance to that of the rest of the country. North Dakotans do not depend on Wall Street banks to decide the fate of their livelihoods and the future of their communities, and rely instead on locally owned banks and credit unions … And these local banks and credit unions control a resounding 83% of deposits in the state …

What has enabled North Dakota to go its own way? Much of the answer lies in the Bank of North Dakota, the only state-owned bank in the country.

Since 1919, when it was founded to free North Dakotans from the tyranny and crushing interest rates of Minneapolis banks, BND has worked to nurture the state’s economy and communities … BND does most of its lending in partnership with local banks and credit unions, granting its support to their productive lending activities. “

To learn more about this, check out attorney Ellen Hodgson Brown’s websites, and, her Web of Debt Substack, or her book, “Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free.”7 She’s also the president of the Public Banking Institute, where you can get more information.

Federal Reserve Must Be Reigned In

Kennedy stresses that one of his objectives, as president, would be to “get the Federal Reserve under control,” to make sure the American people have sovereignty over our money supply, and that we have transparency.

“There are a lot of different options that we’re looking at right now,” Kennedy says. “We’re talking about them with leading economists around the country. People like David Stockman, Jeffrey Sachs, Jeff Werner and many other experts in that area.

A lot of people have really good ideas about how to get the Fed under control, and we are going to do something about it. I just don’t know exactly what we’re going to do. [State owned banks] is an interesting option that I need to run by our economics team and put in the mix.”

Kennedy Fights for Local and National Sovereignty

Kennedy is also working to raise awareness about the threat posed by the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the global One Health agenda, all of which are aimed at stripping the U.S. of its national sovereignty, and Americans of our bodily autonomy.

“We need local sovereignty,” Kennedy says. “We need to move away from centralized control and particularly any control institutions like the WHO that are not subject to U.S. control. It’s an insane idea …

And as you’ve stated, Bill Gates has taken over control of the WHO. It’s become his vessel for what he calls philanthrocapitalism, which is a way of making a lot of money by controlling these international institutions that make public health policy.

For example, to get the WHO, which funds most of the African health departments, to use its power and leverage over those departments and mandate vaccines for children in those countries. Those vaccines are made almost invariably by companies in which Gates has a private financial interest or which his foundation has a private financial interest.

It was the same thing he did with the Green Revolution in Africa. He got African countries to switch from traditional agriculture … to GMO monocultures, with this idea that this is part of globalization that will bring big corporations in who will buy your products, give you cash and lift everybody’s standard of living up. That was the promise. But exactly the opposite happened …

It’s been an absolute calamity for the people of Africa. I think there’s 30 million additional people who have become food insecure as a direct result of Gates’ Green Revolution, but Gates and his companies have made a killing … In each philanthropical effort he makes, there’s always, at the end of it, some moneymaking scheme for Gates and his foundation.”

Kennedy Is a Health and Freedom Candidate

To me, Kennedy is the most logical choice for the Democratic nomination. He’s smart, honest, hardworking, and aligned with many preventive strategies that can help everyone in this country take control of their health. He’s also very healthy and fit himself, so he walks the talk.

Videos showing a shirtless Kennedy working out, revealing what Russell Brand calls a “jacked” and “stacked” physique, recently set social media abuzz. Many were shocked at how fit this 69-year-old presidential candidate is.

Brand subsequently challenged Kennedy to a pullup contest (see video above). If Brand raises $100,000 for Kennedy’s campaign, Kennedy will compete against Brand to see who can do the most pullups. (If Kennedy wins, Brand has agreed to attend an unspecified number of Kennedy’s campaign events.)

Following suit, and raising the stakes, I’m now challenging Kennedy to an arm-wrestling match. Kennedy and I are both 69 years old, so we’re well-matched in that regard. If we raise $250,000 for his campaign, Kennedy has agreed to arm wrestle me.

Fair disclosure: While I’ve only arm wrestled once, (and won, against Dr. Marcos de Andrade, a fitness buff 30 years my junior), I do KAATSU training, which involves blood flow restriction and really helps to strengthen your Type 2 muscle fibers. So, my muscle fibers are well-trained for this type of event. I’ll be sharing my workout strategy with Kennedy, though, to even the odds.

If we reach the $250,000 goal, we’ll sponsor the event at our campus in Cape Coral, Florida, followed by a Town Hall meeting where you’ll have the opportunity to pepper Kennedy with your questions. So, if you want to see an arm-wrestling match between Kennedy and me, and/or want to attend this Town Hall meeting, make a donation today!


Bring Back the Presidential Council on Physical Fitness

Like me, Kennedy is firmly committed to health and fitness, and he understands the importance of setting a good example, which is why he’s accepting these fitness challenges. As president, he also wants to rejuvenate his uncle’s Presidential Council on Physical Fitness,8 which used to set school children on the path of health and kept them on it, often for life.

“That was a really big thing when we were young,” he says. “If you look at the old films, which are out there, of the way the kids looked back then and the performance they were doing, it’s almost unbelievable how good a shape they were in compared to today’s kids.

We now have the sickest children in the world. We have the highest chronic disease burden of any country in the world … and one of the ways to deal with that is to focus on your physical health and your diet. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry and their captive regulators just want to use [drugs].

For them a sick population is an economic boom, and we now have the highest health care costs per capita of any country in the world — $4.3 trillion, and $3.7 trillion of that is for chronic disease … If we can reduce those chronic disease rates, we reduce our health care costs enormously, and I want to do that.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – The Health and Freedom Candidate (


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