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The shrapnel keyring showing Russian “barbarity” made by Ukrainian children

The EU highlights Russian barbarity by displaying a keyring made by Ukrainian children from a bomb that destroyed their school. Source

Who’s still defending Israel’s barbarity?

     Those empathetic to Palestinians toil in unhappy corners of the internet, fending off trolls eager to dazzle with age-old vitriol. But decorated professionals recite the same discourses throughout corporate media, the veneer of respectability making them even more grotesque. Anti-Arab racism underlies defense of Israel. The racism isn’t marginal, either; it’s the lingua franca […]

Thanksgiving a Celebration of White Barbarity

Above Photo: From Note: This article originally appeared in the November 27, 2003, issue of The Black Commentator, which Glen Ford co-founded and edited. Nobody but the United States celebrates Thanksgiving. It is reserved by history and the intent of “the founders” as the supremely white US holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar. No […]

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights?

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights? Paul Craig Roberts   Information has reached me from Italy, Germany and the UK that foreign-funded NGOs in Russia are collecting Russian DNA samples from all over Russia for the US Government. I have found English language verification of these reports. What is the reason for the US government’s interest […]

Big companies to pay big fines for data misuse under newly-approved EU laws

The data protection regulations – approved on Tuesday during a meeting of representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, and EU member states – outline that companies could be issued fines totaling up to four percent of their global revenues if they misuse Europeans’ data online, or obtain information without people’s consent. That four […]

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