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Christians Tortured, Forced to Recite Islamic Creed in Pakistan

Marks from Muslims beating Azam Masih with iron rods on Jan. 22, 2024 in Sialkot District, Pakistan. (Morning Star News screengrab) LAHORE, Pakistan (Christian Daily International–Morning Star News) – An Islamist cleric presided over the forced conversion of two Christians in Sialkot District, Pakistan after they were tortured into reciting the… Source

The Elfin Creed of Cornwall

From Popular Romances of the West of EnglandCollected and edited by Robert Hunt [1903, 3rd edition] Elves, urchins, goblins all, and little fairyes.”–Mad Franke,. “I do wander everywhere,Swifter than the moone’s sphere;And I serve the fairy queen,To dew her orbs upon the green.”–SHAKESPEARE. “By the moon we sport and play;With the night begins our day;As […]

The Assassin’s Creed: Murder As Israeli State Policy

By Jeremy Salt Source “If our dreams for Zionism are not to end in the smoke of assassins’ pistols and our labor for its future to produce only a new set of gangsters worthy of Nazi Germany, many like myself will have to reconsider the position we have maintained for so long in the past.” […]

Zarif urges world to dispute ISIL creed

On arrival at Italy, the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said “the Iranian foreign ministry aims to discuss regional issues and dangers as well as JCPOA issue in this international conference.” “We insist that JCPOA cannot be negotiable. As the leader of the Islamic Revolution has asserted, the support offered by the European Union […]

How York University should respond to a Zionist donor’s blackmail

Dear Mr. Bronfman: We received your letter pledging to withdraw funds and assistance to our university if we don’t remove a mural you find unpleasant. We don’t appreciate being bullied and threatened. Nevertheless, as you have taken the time to express your thoughts, we feel it is only fair to provide a response. Before we […]

Wikipedia awarded top Spanish prize for international cooperation

If you think it is okay to talk to your car infotainment system or smartphone while driving or even when stopped at a red light, think again. It takes up to 27 seconds to regain full attention after issuing voice commands, … Source Article from

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