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President Trump: “It’s Time To Disband the FBI”

Donald Trump has vowed to disband the corrupt FBI and Justice Department when he returns to office in 2024. The former president called on Republicans in Congress to defund the DOJ and FBI on Wednesday […] The post President Trump: “It’s Time To Disband the FBI” appeared first on News Punch. Source

The Palestinian Authority is a figleaf for Israeli apartheid. Disband it.

At this point in history, the Palestinian Authority serves only to empower the two-state ruse until Zionism has achieved its singular, century-old goal: a race state in all of historic Palestine. Source

UK: Sheffield Cathedral to Disband Choir for Not Being ‘Diverse’ Enough

The anti-whiteness of our institutions is reaching new heights. Now they’re closing down iconic church choirs for not having enough brown people. The Guardian: In a break with centuries of tradition, Sheffield cathedral is to stand down its choir in order to make a “completely fresh start” with a new team of choristers that reflects and engages […]

Security forces disband terrorist team in northwestern Iran

FNA- Security forces in the Northwestern province of West Azarbaijan arrested members of a terrorist team who plotted to conduct sabotage acts and assassinations in Iran. “(The members of) a group which aimed to carry out sabotage operations in the province (West Azarbaijan) and assassinate at least 10 figures were arrested by the security forces,” […]

FBI exposed as an Obama-esque "KGB" operation to bring down America – time to disband the bureau?

(Natural News) Over the summer we began to hear reports of anti-Trump malfeasance involving agents and officials with the FBI and Department of Justice, the agency to which the FBI answers. In recent weeks, reports have intensified and in recent days hard evidence has emerged proving, beyond a doubt, that the FBI was overtly politicized […]

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