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Israeli Connection to 9/11 Reported – Later Removed by Fox News

Note: Prior to 9/11, FOX News was well known for aggressive investigative news reporting.  After 9/11 all networks and print media fell under the authoritarian censor of operation Mockingbird – a transition that replaced investigative reporting with deep state propaganda, crisis actors and lies. News Followup: All 4 parts of this December 2001 investigative report above, […]

America, Downsized, Criminalized and “Blue Gang” Controlled – Veterans Today

SHERIFF DEAVER’S TRUCK, VICTIM OF “BOSTON BRAKES” ASSASSINATION ORDERED BY CARTELS by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Editor’s note:  This 2012 story is more important today than then as everyone is too aware.  Everything here has been censored from the net by Google.  Read and figure out why.   This is a story we don’t see […]

Orwell's Newspeak Is Coming To A Campus Near You

The purpose of the new language, termed Newspeak, was to help the regime in its effort to eliminate thoughtcrime. “The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc [the state ideology of Oceania], but to make all […]

Fox News now promoting integrative cancer care as cancer industry keeps killing patients

(NaturalNews) A household name in mainstream news has given a surprising nod to cancer therapies other than the usual chemotherapy and radiation routine. Fox News, in a piece asking the question “Are you making the right choices?” suggests that cancer patients seek out integrative therapeutic approaches that take into consideration nutrition and immune-boosting […]

Fox News contributors call for the deaths of ’10 to 15 thousand people in the desert’ on air

By Shepard Ambellas (INTELLIHUB) – “Should we spend everything we have to defeat these guys?”, asked Brenda Buttner, host of Fox News’ Bulls & Bears. When I heard that I already rolled my eyes and said to myself ‘oh boy, here comes the propaganda’. You see, after the United Nations Security Council allegedly […]

Rich Jews brainwashing Christians to blame the Muslims

Julian Assange – Wikileaks on israel’s payroll

Like all the genuine Truth Tellers and Seekers out there that have exposed the Jews and Zionists, why hasn’t Julian Assange? All his so called leaked documents are nothing more than creations by the CIA / israel for the public. BUSTED – WIKILEAKS WORKING FOR ISRAEL I PITY THE FOOL…DUPED BY WIKILEAKS AND ISRAEL ASSANGE […]

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