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It’s Worse Than Previously Reported: IRS Sued For Hacker Breach

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals August 21, 2015   Attorneys Becky Wellborn and Wendy Windrich are seeking out victims of the data breach at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which encompasses an estimated 330,000 people. The IRS Get Transcript service that facilitate taxpayers gathering information on their own […]

Banks are Jewish Swindlers   LEARN THE BANKERS’ SECRET TO CREATING WEALTH!   WANT YOUR BANK LOANS CANCELED AND STILL KEEP YOUR CAR AND HOME? You are the judge and jury. Is it a swindle? Is it ethical? Consider these two examples: If a thief stole your car, then sold the car for $5,000 cash, and returned the […]

JB Campbell: “kill all the Jews now”— it’s them or us

Get the Jews before they get you!   I think JB Campbell puts it best, without any waffle. He is right; there is no solution to the jew problem other than violent overthrow. Talking, voting, petitions, peaceful protest and so on have achieved absolutely nothing. They have not even slowed down our intended genocide by […]

Julian Assange – Wikileaks on israel’s payroll

Like all the genuine Truth Tellers and Seekers out there that have exposed the Jews and Zionists, why hasn’t Julian Assange? All his so called leaked documents are nothing more than creations by the CIA / israel for the public. BUSTED – WIKILEAKS WORKING FOR ISRAEL I PITY THE FOOL…DUPED BY WIKILEAKS AND ISRAEL ASSANGE […]

Satanic Vatican Jews – The illuminati hierarchy Super Powers pretending to be enemies in the public eye to keep themselves in power.   Laura Eisenhower – Chemtrails, Consciousness & 2012 Footage showing USA Secret Service assassinating JFK Israel Was Behind JFK Assassination  Vatican Rothschild and Malta Knights  Vatican controls all banks   How the Vatican Jews […]

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