Banks are Jewish Swindlers





You are the judge and jury. Is it a swindle? Is it ethical?

Consider these two examples:

If a thief stole your car, then sold the car for $5,000 cash, and returned the $5,000 back to you as a loan, is this a swiwdle?

Rich advertises he loans money. Joe applies for a $10,000 loan to buy a car. Rich writes up a loan agreement for Joe to sign. Rich demands Joe provides $10,000 of security to be sure the $10,000 loan is repaid. Joe provides the $10,000 security and signs the $10,000 promissory note agreeing to repay the loan.
Rich conceals the fact he is using the oldest loan trick in the uorld. Rich never loans one cent of his money. Rich sells the $10,000 security or promissory note he received from Joe. Rich deposits the $10,000 he receives from Joe, withdraws the $10,000 and returns Joe’s $10,000 to Joe. Rich then claims the $10,000 is Rich’s money loaned to Joe. Rich never retums the $10,000 deposit he took from Joe. If one lender could do this in America, that lender would end up with nearly all the property in the nation for free leaving the other Americans in debt paying the lender interest on the property Rich transferred from Joe to Rich for free.

Summary: Rich concealed the true transaction in the written agreement. Rich took $10,000 of cash or cash equivalent from Joe, deposited the $10,000 into a checking account, withdrew the money and returned the $10,000 to Joe. Joe believed Rich loaned Joe Rich’s $10,000 when in fact the $10,000 came from Joe. Rich never repays the $10,000 he took from Joe. Is this ethical?

If you received a bank loan for a car, home, farm or business then according to the Federal Reserve Bank publications you were Joe. On 4-14-98 Don Mense bank president of State Bank (Kansas) admitted in court under oath, that his bank received something of value from a farmer, deposited the item into a checking account, withdrew the money and returned it to the farmer and claimed his bank loaned the farmer the bank’s monev (depositors money). This is standard banking practice. The farmer was like Joe in the above illustration. This transaction is a closely guarded bank trade secret. Tom Schauf retired Certified Public Accountant, court expert witness (teaching over 2,000 CPAs nationally how to become expert witness), reveals the trick. Admittedly, at one time he, too, was fooled like everyone else.

Today nearly half of a farnily’s income goes to financiers who act like Rich. This often times will force families to have two income earners just to supplement farnily income enough to replace the money they gave to Kich. By merely changing currency and loaning other depositor’s money, one spouse could have the option to stop working and still have the same standard of living or continue to work and have twice the wealth.

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Test your ethics and financial IQ. (then test your friends)

As judge and jury please answer the following questions: Yes or No.

The written loan agreement should not conceal who provided the $10,000 to fund the check to Joe.

Rich should not take $10,000 from Joe and return the $10,000 to Joe as a loan without revealing the truth.

Rich should retum the $10,000 he took from Joe.

If Rich does not return the original $10,000 value — Joe should be able to stop repaying the alleged loan and Joe should still keep the car.

If Rich took something having $10,000 value from Joe. exchanged it for $10,000 cash or cash equivalent and returned the $10.000 to Joe as a loan, Joe should be repaid the $10,000 that funded the loan.
NOW the real question is: DO YOU WANT YOUR $10,000 BACK? (or whatever your loan amount?)
When banks grant a $10,000 loan, the bank’s debt increases by $10,000 showing it owes the $10,000. Want to learn how the trick works? If the banks paid all the bank debt accumulated when they claim they grant loans, every bank loan in America could be canceled. For free details and why people expect to get their $10,000 back use the Internet at: The faster people learn about the trick, the faster we hope to get our money back.

The politicians and media cannot talk about it because bankers contribute huge fiunds to politicians and they need the money to get elected. Likewise the medla needs loans and advertising money from banks to stay in business. They must remain silent.

If Joe’s capital funded the loan, then Joe should be repaid back his money allowing every bank loan in America to be canceled. Over 150 years ago President Andrew Jackson campaigned on this issue — and he WON! We just need to educate all Americarns so we can receive equal protection and full disclosure on bank loans.

If you are not on line or on the Internet, ask a friend who is on line with the Internet to dounload the information for you. They will want to know the secret as well. If no friends are on the Internet, go to your local library and use the computers there, We prefer to give you the free information on the Internet. If you must send for it by mail, send a self-addressed stamped business size envelope with .32 stamp and $4.00 and we will send you copies and a new master brochure you can copy and distribute. Check payable to Capitalwise and send to Tom Schauf, Capitalwise Associates at 745 N. Gilbert Road #124-191, Gilbert, Arizona 85234. Not responsible for cash.

Banks create booms and busts. Bankers know the secret about predicting the future economy, but few stockbrokers and financial planners understand the trick. Bankers know if American voters learned the truth every politician, judge and police enforcing the current banking system would be voted out of office. Good politicians have wanted to correct the problem but cannot without the voters first learning the truth and lending support. Voters want the cover-up revealed and bankers want it kept a secret. It is every Americans job to get the truth out. We give you the power to correct this travesty, go to the Internet at and get the entire truth!

If the bank paid their debt, IT COULD PAY OFF YOUR DEBT! Learn of the major coming changes in investments, banking and currency. Profit by getting the inside scoop before it happens.


The Facts are as follows:

Bankers know that if you have no knowledge of this you can do NOTHING! Status quo will be maintained. We have notified the banks, and offered them an opportunity to prove Tom Schauf wrong. THEY DECLINED TO OFFER EVIDENCE BY SIGNING THE lNTERNET AFFIDAVIT.


Now, IMAGINE for a moment what Tom teaches is in fact correct! Suppose you shared this brochure with your friends or family because you believed that they should also be able to get out of their loans. They might duplicate this process with others over and over again; one person becomes 100 all educated in true monetary policies and the truth about the banking system. Thus reducing debt and increasing the average families wealth by approx. $250,000.

Imagine the voters waking up and deciding to vote in Abraham Lincoln’s greenbacks (cash) as the only currency, until it becomes politically correct for politicians to campaign on this issue. If that happens, the 5 trillion dollars of National Debt becomes -0-. Personal IRS Tax could be canceled, your house and car loan finally paid off…!!!

The average American family s wealth increases by approx. $250,000 dollars, money the bankers now have will be rlghtfully returned to each and every American. Today the politicians, financially supported by the bankers, want the bankers to keep your family’s $250,000. Tomorrow when inforrned voters leam the bank secret and vote in representatives for the people, the average family is wealth increases by $250,000. You can leam how this will affect currency and your investments, retirements, savings, jobs and your future.

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Those who know the bankers’ secret know how to significantly increase the return on their investments. Most economists work for bankers and they will not tell you the truth so they can keep the profit for themselves. Do you want the bankers to spend your money or do YOU want to spend it? Learn the truth! Become CAPITALWISE.

Copyright 1998 Thomas D. Schauf

Permission to copy and distribute if copied in its entirety.

(Please copy and distribute this brochure)

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