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Judge slaps sanctions on Trump lawyers for ‘frivolous’ Clinton lawsuit

A federal judge on Thursday excoriated and sanctioned several members of Donald Trump’s legal team, saying the former president’s massive lawsuit against his former rival, Hillary Clinton, and dozens of other adversaries amounted to an intentional abuse of the legal system. “These were political grievances masquerading as legal claims,” said U.S. District Court Judge Donald […]

Political Lawfare, New York AG Files Another Frivolous Lawsuit Against Donald Trump and Trump Organization


Judge Tosses Frivolous Lawsuit By Heiress Seeking To Destroy The Grayzone

“Because of the lawsuits my family won against Iran, I had all the money in the world to spend on drugs, and I made some dealers a lot of money.” –Sulome Anderson, 2016 “I’ll destroy him :)” –Sulome Anderson on defendant Ben Norton, 2017 “I’m not stupid enough to take it this far without legal grounds.” –Sulome Anderson on […]

Kikes File Frivolous Lawsuit Against Project Veritas

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 11, 2017 Filing lawsuits to try and stop freedom of speech, huh? I’ve heard of that. Project Veritas: On June 1, 2017, Project Veritas was notified by Time Magazine reporter Phillip Elliot that Democracy Partners and Robert Creamer are planning to launch a one-million dollar federal lawsuit against […]

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