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Message From 1921 Found Underneath a Former Statue at the Manitoba Legislature

A 101-year-old message has been discovered by workers removing the base of a former statue in front of the Manitoba legislature. Workers have been removing, piece by piece, the large base that held a statue of Queen Victoria. The statue was toppled last year by protesters. Its head was removed and thrown in the nearby Assiniboine River. […]

Manitoba Chief Microbiologist & Lab Specialist: 56% of Positive “Cases” Are Not Infectious

The Facts: In November, Facebook censored an article written by an Oxford Professor of evidence based medicine, explaining that the scientific evidence for the efficacy of mask wearing to stop the spread of COVID is very weak. Reflect On: Why is scientific evidence, discussion and debate being censored and discouraged? Why has so much information […]

Children in the Canadian province of Manitoba are given mRNA injections WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT | Letter to parents

Patrick Phillips MD (@DrP_MD) Tweeted: Covid is less harmful than the flu for them Without long term safety data on these vaccines, children cannot give informed consent The harms are not known, unlike other vaccines Source

Manitoba Chief Microbiologist and Laboratory Specialist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious

MAY 11, 2021 WINNIPEG:  The Justice Centre represents churches and individuals who are challenging government lockdown restrictions in the Court of Queen’s Bench as unjustified violations of the Charter freedoms to associate, worship, and assemble peacefully. The hearing commenced on May 3, 2021 and is continuing this week. The onus is on the Manitoba Government to justify its restrictions […]

Manitoba Petition Challenges Lockdown Lunacy

Manitoba Petition Challenges Lockdown Lunacy Henry Makow (The sanitizer and temperature regime at supermarkets can easily transform into a demand for a vaccine passport. No jab. No food. ) “The current 1.4% excess Manitoban deaths in 2020 when compared to the average between 2014 and 2018 is within the range of historical values and do […]

Manitoba Gives Health Commissars Draconian Powers | The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms prevents infringement of fundamental freedoms, INCLUDING FROM THE GOVERNMENT! The time to stand up is now!!

Manitoba Gives Health Commissars Draconian Powers Henry Makow (left, globalist traitor, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister took licence plates of anti-mask demonstrators and sent them fines. ) SPH, a Winnipegger, analyzes changes in legislation which give health officials Gestapo-like powers. Provincial fines for individuals breaking COVID-19 health orders are set at $1,296, while fines for businesses […]

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