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Pro-Israel Hillel group deceitfully plastered UBC campus with “I Love Hamas” stickers in hate hoax

(NaturalNews) In an attempt to make it seem like the campus is filled with hidden terrorists who want to destroy Israel, the pro-Israel Jewish group Hillel, which… Source

Irrefutable Evidence of Chemical Geoengineering Plastered All Over Our Skies Like This!

CHEMTRAILS: The Planetary Catastrophe Caused by Chemical Geo-engineering Chemical geoengineering is just one prong of a multi-pronged weather warfare strategy designed to radically alter climate patterns and produce catastrophic weather events SOTN Editor’s Note: The following photo-documentary is perhaps the best of its kind on the Internet today which proves the existence of chemical geoengineering […]

GENOCIDE PHOTO-DOCUMENTARY: CBC Building Plastered With Photos of Vaccine-Induced Injuries and Death Victims

VIEW HERE:   Source

Bizarre Mortuary Practices and the Jericho Plastered Skulls

Jericho (also called Tell es-Sultan) is a city with an incredibly rich history located in the Palestinian West Bank, near the Jordan River, some 55 kilometers (34 mi) from Jerusalem. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Ancient Places Asia Read Later 

We Will Draw Our Red Lines In Paris

Even as you take your first first few steps inside the climate summit in Paris, it’s easy to get a bad feeling about things. First, you notice that there are nearly 200 concrete pillars lined up in rows in front the center, each wrapped in flags of the world’s nations. You wander among them, realizing […]

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