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Non-Binary CUNY Professor Filmed Ripping down Missing Israeli Posters, Attacking Onlooker

A “non-binary” college educator attacked a bystander who recorded her ripping down posters of Israelis who were taken hostage by Hamas. Source

A Wave Of People Are Tearing Down Posters Of Missing Israelis

The missing persons flyers depict Israelis taken hostage by Hamas. Source

Anger and Outrage in the UK as Muslims Caught Taking Down Posters of Israeli Hostages

Shocking video shows the moment two women tear down posters of innocent Israeli children who were taken hostage by Hamas – with one saying ‘this is for Palestine!’ The British Israeli woman who filmed the encounter has revealed how she received verbal abuse from other members of the public while putting the fliers up in […]

Mark Hamill Unveils Signed ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Posters To Help Ukraine Fight Real ‘Evil Empire’

“Join the resistance,” he urged in a tweet on the unique fundraiser. The 10 posters, all autographed by Hamill, feature the fictional X-wing fighter used by Hamill’s character Luke Skywalker to destroy the Death Star in the first “Star Wars.” But in this case, the relatively tiny, feisty fighter is in the Ukrainian colors of […]

Luke Skywalker Actor Mark Hamill Selling Signed ‘Star Wars’ Posters For Ukraine’s Drones

May the Force be with Ukraine. Source

Photo-less campaign posters in West Bank spark controversy

As Palestinians in the West Bank gear up for local elections, a new phenomenon during electoral campaigns has drawn the ire of feminists and activists in the occupied territory. Instead of showing the faces of female candidates, most campaign posters are using roses or the shadow of a woman, Anadolu News Agency reports. Palestinians are […]

Posters of Egyptian dictator Sisi raised in Gaza

Posters of Egypt’s dictator Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi have been placed around Gaza to thank him for reconstructing part of the Strip. The display is reminiscent of 2017 when his image appeared across Gaza, as gratitude for Egypt’s role in reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. Following the 11-day Israeli bombardment on Gaza in May, an Egyptian […]

Conservative Plasters Walls With Posters Of AOC So He Can Constantly Remind Himself How Much He Hates Her

Conservative Plasters Walls With Posters Of AOC So He Can Constantly Remind Himself How Much He Hates Her GREENVILLE, SC—As a life-long Republican, Gary Corlan openly hates U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much that he has covered his entire bedroom walls with posters of her, just to remind himself of how much he hates her. “She’s […]

US far-right leaflets and posters surged last year, ADL says

US far-right and white supremacist groups sharply stepped up their distribution of racist or antisemitic fliers, posters banners and other forms of physical propaganda last year, according to a study released on Wednesday. The Anti-Defamation League said it logged a total of 5,125 cases last year, compared with 2,724 in 2019. Its study focused on […]

Posters for Peace & Justice – Our Future Depends on You – 2021 Wall Calendar

Just in time for the holidays, the 20201 Posters for Peace & Justice wall calendar is the perfect gift for your progressive loved one (or for yourself!). Amber Lotus is proud to present the Posters for Peace & Justice wall calendar, a survey of thought-provoking political protest poster art.  Combining compelling graphics and succinct statements, […]

U.S. election race reaches streets of Tel Aviv with pro-Trump posters

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Posters glorifying Nazism hung at Arizona State U

Posters glorifying Nazism hung at Arizona State U – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement

Posters of armed militants on European streets gain traction on social media

Citing the hashtag ‪#‎USA_Administration_Supports_Terrorism and several other tags in the Arabic language, the posters asks the question: “Would you consider them innocent if they appeared here?” “Here” refers to London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Washington DC and Riyadh, all of which are shown with threatening armed men on their streets.         Another series of […]

“Free Ahed #Tamimi” posters and yard signs

Posters and yard signs call for Israel to free 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi. Below are the facts about Ahed and other Palestinian prisoners, including a video about Ahed. U.S. taxpayers give Israel $10 million per day, which gives Americans the need to become informed on this issue and to speak out when we disagree with how […]

‘Unapologetically White’ Posters Dot Minnesota City

St. Joseph residents reported that dozens of White nationalist posters were displayed prominently in the city on Wednesday, according to the police department. An area resident reported the signs to the police department early afternoon. St. Joseph Police Chief Joel Klein said the posters were largely found on main roadways such as Minnesota Street and […]

#1917LIVE: 100 incredible posters about 1917 Revolution go on World tour (PHOTOS)

With RT’s interactive history project entering its culmination stage, the time has come to shine a light on some of the stunning artwork used in #1917LIVE – a re-creation of the revolution on Twitter. Artists were given the subject of 1917-2017 and a color scheme of red, white and black. Remember that time when Lenin’s […]

Fascist Mussolini-style posters ordered removed from Italian beach venue (VIDEO)

The order was issued by Venice Prefect Carlo Boffi on Monday and concerned a Playa Punta Canna venue in Chioggia, a resort town of the Metropolitan City of Venice. The establishment must “immediately remove all references to Fascism on signs, posters and banners,” the order read, as cited by Italian ANSA news agency. The order also called upon Playa […]

50 tonnes of election campaign posters removed from Tehran streets

The deputy head of Urban Services Directorate of Tehran Municipality, Mojtaba Yazdani, said over 50 tonnes of wastepaper, remaining from the electoral campaigns of the candidates contesting Iran’s presidential  and city and village council elections (both held on May 19), have been collected and removed from the streets and alleys of the Iranian capital. The […]

We Will Draw Our Red Lines In Paris

Even as you take your first first few steps inside the climate summit in Paris, it’s easy to get a bad feeling about things. First, you notice that there are nearly 200 concrete pillars lined up in rows in front the center, each wrapped in flags of the world’s nations. You wander among them, realizing […]

No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir

In a mockery of justice, an Israeli order police officer who assaulted 15-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abu Khdeir following the kidnapping and torching-murder of his cousin, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 16, in Occupied East Jerusalem in July 2014, has been sentenced to a mere 45 days of community service. Zip, that’s it. The anonymous officer, whose identity has […]

Dozens of people mistake robot for real woman – and they think she’s ‘sexy’

From: A robot has been created that is so life-like it fooled one-in-two people into thinking it was a real human. But not only has the lifelike device been mistaken for a real person – she’s also been deemed ‘sexy’ by those who have seen her. Named Actroid F, […]

‘Firefly’ and Anti-Fascism Posters Get Professor Threatened with Criminal Charges on University of Wisconsin Campus

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Sept 27, 2011 A professor has been censored twice, reported to the “threat assessment team,” and threatened with criminal charges because of satirical postings on his office door. Campus police at the University of Wisconsin–Stout (UWS) censored theater professor James Miller’s poster depicting a quotation from actor Nathan Fillion’s […]

Answers to Questions Posters Should Be Asking about America’s Man-Made Disasters

by Trowbridge H. Ford   While researchers might think that America’s ousting by overt and covert means Slobodan Milosevic, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein from power, smashing their regimes, and punishing countries like Iran, Turkey, Russia and North Korea which had tried to help them or exploit their difficulties would be the sum total of […]

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