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Exclusive — Trump Lawyer Alina Habba: NY Case Is ‘Sideshow’ for Letitia James’s Politics

Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case is nothing more than a “sideshow” for NY AG Letitia James’s politics, his attorney Alina Habba said. Source

Jordan’s family feud is a sideshow to the economic disintegration

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How Will The Flynn-Kushner-Israel Sideshow Hurt American Jews?

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‘Economic War with China Is Everything,’ North Korea a ‘Sideshow’: White House Chief Strategist


The ruling Kim dynasty in Korea was started by Kim Ill Sung His real name was not Kim Il-sung but Kim Sung–kye. He was born in 1912 into a Presbyterian family that was comfortably off; his father was a teacher and elder in the church. In 1920, like many other Koreans, they moved to Manchuria […]

Belgian police raid Brussels’ jihadist hot spot Molenbeek district

READ MORE: Mastermind behind Paris attacks identified as active ISIS executioner from Belgium According to some reports, shots have been fired during the raid. About a hundred police officers and a fire truck have been deployed at the scene, La Libre Belgique newspaper said. At least one person has been arrested during the raid, DH newspaper reported. Using […]

Leadership circus a carbon debate sideshow

Jeremy Thompson Updated October 11, 2011 16:40:28 There was a smattering of applause at the end of what could only be termed a strong performance by Kevin Rudd. To the casual observer, today in Parliament has all been about carbon legislation; Question Time was packed with the usual carbon tax debate and Opposition Leader Tony […]

Abbott tape a sideshow to main event

ANALYSIS THE recording is crackly but the voice is unmistakeable. A 21-year-old Tony Abbott is earnestly explaining his theory about the Marxist conspiracy on university campuses. ”[Marxists] understand that if they destroy the academic standards, and possibly the moral standards, of that elite they have undermined liberal democratic society,” Abbott says. Abbott gave the interview […]

NYTimes: Polar bear-gate a ‘minor sideshow’

Steve Milloy Canada Free Press Aug 16, 2011 When the New York Times first opined on Climategate (December 6, 2009), the paper called it “noise.” On Saturday, the paper had this to say about Polar bear-gate in an editorial entitled “A Polarizing Polar Bear Investigation“: … Whatever the ultimate verdict on Dr. Monnett, the controversy […]

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