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Did a sub-protected Russian depp submersible just get into a firefight with a U.S. submarine?

    ARCTIC CIRCLE: The New Conflict Zone Between the East and the West The Millennium Report What follows are just a few news reports form both the mainstream and alternative media about the recent deaths that occurred in a Russian deep submersible named the LOSHARIK. In spite of the official statements and MSM reporting […]

CRISPR9 Gene-Editing dangers cause a firefight

     We have claims that a recent study highlighting gene-editing dangers was sloppily done, incompetent, and wrong. Lovers of the revolutionary gene-editing tool, CRISPR, are crowing over a “victory,” but as usual the verdict is far from in. The other day, I highlighted a 2017 study and quoted from a article, as follows: “…a […]

Video: Alleged Firefight Between Downed Russian Pilot & Terrorists Surfaces

On February 3, a Russian Su-25 warplane was downed by the Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group in Syria’s Idlib. The pilot managed to eject from the plane, but was killed during the ensuing fight with terrorists. An alleged video of the fight which appeared recently on the web purportedly shows another version of events. […]

German Mayor: Women Must Adopt ‘Code Of Conduct’ To Avoid Rape

The Mayor of Cologne, Germany, has said that women must adopt a “code of conduct” if they do not wish to be raped in a crisis meeting following the mass-rape of women by 1,000 men on New Year’s eve.  Mayor Herniette Reker’s shocking remarks were made during a meeting with Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers and […]

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