by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is among the greatest gifts in the known (as well as the unknown) universe–as is any other day, really, when the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance graces us with his presence and blesses us with a speech. Billowing clouds of smog from the treacherous and traitorous tyrants who refer to themselves as “kings” and “emirs” toxify the very air our region breathes but Sayyed Abou Hadi is the Wind of Wisdom that blows it all away into nothingness; the Tower of Truth that dwarfs them entirely. Spiritually and politically speaking, Nasrallah is our sustenance. And his speech today, which marked 40 days since the martyrdom of Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine (R.A.), was a reminder of just how powerfully his every word hits home and why it isn’t merely essential but EXISTENTIAL to pay the utmost attention (either by listening or reading the transcript) when he speaks.

When he spoke so beautifully–it was more like poetry, truly–of Sayyed Zulfiqar’s (R.A.) role as the leader of the Hizbullah negotiating team that secured the release of martyred Hizbullah Commander Samir al-Quntar (R.A.), his role as the overseer of Hizbullah’s moujahideen in Iraq and his game-changing role in preventing the fall of Syria, you just KNOW that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Glow of Goodness, Greatness and Gallantry.

When he revealed that the Takfiri terrorist scourge was on the verge of collapse before the American ZOG imposed a ceasefire on Russia, and when he ripped into the GCC propaganda about Hizbullah’s losses in Aleppo, clarifying that the Mouqawamah saw only 26 martyrs fall with 1 captured and 1 missing, as opposed to 617 Takfiris neutralized and 800 others wounded, during the recent operations in the southern Halab countryside, you just KNOW that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Radiance of Righteousness.

When he stated bluntly that if the Iraqi Popular Mobilization with assistance from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hizbullah didn’t respond to ISIS’s aggression in the summer of 2014, the Daeshi terrorists would have occupied all of Iraq and the situation for the Iraqi people would have been nothing less than catastrophic, you just KNOW that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Lantern of Lionheartedness.

When he saluted the Iraqi people–specifically the Sunni clerics who provided us religious and political guidance–for our historic victory in Fallujah, which we achieved in defiance of intense US-Zionist pressure and a vicious international media campaign to spread divisions and sedition among us, you just KNOW that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Lamp of Leadership, not only for Hizbullah and the beautiful, victorious Lebanese people, but all Moustazafeen on Earth.

When he rebuffed the recent US economic aggression against the Mouqawamah, simply declaring that, “Just as we receive missiles and rockets and bullets from Iran to fight the Zionist enemy militarily, we will get (and are getting) funds from Iran to fight the Zionist enemy financially,” you just know that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Ember of Eminence.

And when he lovingly spoke from his soul and purest of pure hearts to Hizbullah’s moujahideen on the Syrian battlefield, telling them,

“You have the Promise of Truth! You yourselves are the truth! You are the manifestation of Husseini love! You are the custodians of the martyrs’ wills! You are the defenders of our rights! You performed a historic miracle for our region in July 2006 and as you have always done with your blood, faith and sacrifices, you are frustrating the plots of hegemony, sedition and aggression in our region today,”

you just KNOW that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Commander of Chivalry and Courage.

All these titles and more, MUCH MORE, will be with Sayyed Abou Hadi until the end of time and even after that. We don’t say “Labaykah ya Nasrallah!” because it’s a nice slogan, or because it sounds fierce, or even because it makes ‘Israelis’ and Takfiris alike shake so excessively in fear. We say it because we mean it. We say it because just like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is at the service of truth, justice and liberation of the oppressed, we are at his service always. To the ends of the world we shall follow him, for no matter what darkness is awaiting that we must fight and overcome, the Sayyed is the Torch who will light our way to the final victory over World Zionism.

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