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MAGA Cultist Pastor Mark Burns Makes A Third Run For Congress

Right-wing pastor, conspiracy theorist, and unabashed Trump cultist Mark Burns is running for Congress once again. Burns, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in South Carolina in 2018 and 2022, has now switched districts for his latest run, perhaps hoping that voters in his new district will not be familiar with his long history of lying […]

MAGA Cultist Shane Vaughn Unleashes Racist Attack On Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case Murthy v. Missouri, a lawsuit brought by the states of Louisiana and Missouri and several social media users alleging that the Biden administration has been unconstitutionally pressuring social media platforms to remove or censor conservative content. During the hearing, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson raised concerns […]

Trump Cultist Mark Burns Proves There Is Nothing MAGA Can’t Turn Into A Conspiracy Theory

In 2022, Alex Soros, son of progressive billionaire philanthropist George Soros, took over control of his father’s empire. As a result, the younger Soros has now become the focus of the same sorts of baseless conspiracy theories that right-wing activists have been spreading about his father for decades. Over the weekend, Alex Soros tweeted out […]

Christian Nationalist Trump Cultist Mark Burns Plans to Open a Military Academy

Mark Burns, an unabashed Christian nationalist Trump-loving pastor who was among the far-right activists who worked tirelessly to keep former President Donald Trump in office after he lost the 2020 election, spoke at the most recent ReAwaken America event last weekend where he announced that he is launching his own Christian military academy. Burns, who was […]

Costas: ‘MAGA Cultist’ Are Not Patriots — They Tried to Overthrow the Election

Sportscaster Bob Costas said Friday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that supporters of former President Donald Trump were not the patriots they claim to be because they tried to overthrow an election. When asked about a previous Matt Schlapp interview, Costas said, “He is personable and civil and just as full of it, as any MAGA […]

San Diego: Mask Cultist Pepper Sprays Innocent Maskless Normie at the Park

Sounds Healing

The disease of paranoia is now spreading wildly. It is out of control. People are barely holding it together. This is all going to start cracking and it is going to start cracking badly. Fox News: A woman has posted a video of a stranger attacking her husband with pepper spray for […]

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