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Hidden drivers beneath Western Barbarism

So how did Syria, free from terrorists prior to the pre-planned, criminal, imperialist “interventions”, earn the distinction of being on the front lines against the West? Syria insists on choosing its own path, as per international law, and refuses to be a vassal of US led forces of predatory capitalism that siphons the world’s resources […]

Black Christian Says White People are Racist "No Matter What"

Marchaé Grair, who wrote the following 10 anti-racist commandments for White people, is black. She also calls herself a Christian and is part of the United Church of Christ. Really, she should’ve just gone ahead with commandment #11: “If You’re White, Kill Yourself.”  She says: Some causes dear to my heart include feminism/womanism, anti-racism and #BlackLivesMatter movements, gender expression […]

Volcanic White Island erupts in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

     White Island erupted last night. The volcanic island, off the coast of the Bay of Plenty, erupted yesterday between 9.30pm and 11pm, GNS Science said. As a consequence of this activity the Volcanic Alert Level is now raised to Level 3 (Minor Volcanic Eruption) and the Aviation Colour Code to Orange. No eruptive activity […]

‘Israeli extremists backed by security forces’ repeatedly storm Al-Aqsa mosque during Passover week

A new string of clashes erupted at the Al-Aqsa mosque, a major holy site for Muslims and Jews, on Wednesday as far-right Israeli settlers under heavy protection from police broke into the mosque, local media reported. Two groups of around 50 men were said to have shouted racist and provocative slogans and attempted to pray […]

US Invasion of Syria Begins

Tony Cartalucci (NEO) : As previously warned about in June of 2015, the United States has announced that it will officially begin ground operations in Syria through the use of special forces. The Washington Post in its article, “Obama seeks to intensify operations in Syria with Special Ops troops,”would report that: President Obama is sending a small […]

‘Killed 27 native species:’ Australian govt defends plan to cull 2mn feral cats in open letter

Australia’s first Threatened Species Commissioner, Gregory Andrews, has written an open letter addressed to Bardot and singer Morrissey, the latter calling the plan “idiocy.” The five-year strategy is aimed at bringing endangered species decimated by cats “back from the brink.” READ MORE: Former sex symbol Bardot calls Aussie plan to kill 2mn feral cats ‘animal genocide’ […]

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