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Belgian Jews Outraged as Flemish Parliament Honors Nazi Collaborators

The parliament building in the Belgian region of Flanders. Photo: Wikicommons Jewish community leaders in Belgium have expressed outrage at the publication of an official brochure that “glorifies” two collaborators with the Nazi occupation during World War II. A statement on Thursday from the Belgian Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations (CCOJB) protested that “in the […]

“The Media Coverage On Syria Is The Biggest Media Lie Of Our Time” — Interview With Flemish Priest In Syria

What’s unfolding in Syria is literally unbelievable. News, pictures, and videos of bombings, chemical weapons attacks, and the deaths of innocent people, among many other atrocities, have taken over mainstream media. But with so much chaos and heartbreak happening on the planet, there exists the opportunity for people to “wake up” and see through the lies […]

Which One of These Commercials is Racist?

This ad was deemed “racist” since a Chinese woman preferred a Chinese man, which is perfectly healthy. Not a peep was said about racism for this awful commercial. Swede’s have heard for years about how racist and horrible they are for this commercial. This is the original: Source Article from

Whites Hated in Birmingham, AL

Scores of black residents of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, lined up to scream and shout their hatred of whites at the Birmingham City Hall this week during a council meeting meant to discuss development projects in the 80 percent nonwhite city. One after the other, blacks spoke in the council chamber against the […]

Germany’s NPD Continues Political Makeover

The National Democratic Party of Germany has continued with its political makeover, completing a highly successful conference so far removed from its previous image that a local leftist journalist announced that “vast segments of the population should be able to identify with the party’s new policies.” Writing on the opinion-editorial news site Rheinneckarblog, 21-year-old […]

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