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Trump Call to Michigan Election Official Monica Palmer in 2020: Media Omits “Bloody, Naked” Women’s Body Death Threat to Certify Biden

Below: Michigan election official Monica Palmer at press conference explaining her reasons for not wanting to certify election results for Biden in 2020. In possibly the most dishonest story ever run by an American newspaper, the Detroit News is now ominously revealing the surfacing of “tapes” which show Trump calling Michigan election officials to presumably […]

Monica Perez Interview – How The Two Party Paradigm Is Designed To Hinder Genuine Change

Joining me today on Moving Target is Monica Perez, here to discuss the illusion that is the two party paradigm, and how it is used to ensure that any genuine change — that the American people might want yet is counter to the interests of the oligarchy — never comes to pass. We discuss the […]

Monica Lewinsky: Depp-Heard Trial ‘Stoked the Flames of Misogyny’ — Whoever Wins, ‘We Are All Guilty’

Monica Lewinsky offered her own verdict as the world awaits the conclusion of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial, stating, “we are all guilty” for watching and reacting to the courtroom drama.

Reignite Democracy Australia | Monica Smit | Civic Duty — The Duran

Reignite Democracy Australia | Monica Smit | Civic Duty — The Duran Source

Accused Marine Shooter: “Aliens Rule The Planet”

Kyle Odom, a Marine veteran who is the prime suspect in the case of a pastor who was shot 12 times but survived. Odom alleges, according to a report in the Express, that frog-like Martian aliens with telepathic abilities were the true culprits behind his recent crime spree: Kyle Odom, 30, was arrested on suspicion […]

CT-Scans performed on Iranian ‘Saltmummies’

TEHRAN, Dec. 22 (MNA) – Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences performed a CT scanning of Iranian auto mummies dubbed ‘Saltman’ on Mon. to discover new findings and learn more about various aspects of life of ancient Persians. The CT scans on Saltman 1 and 5 were performed at a scientific center of Tehran […]

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