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Germans must protect the Jews – Scholz- Citizens should show “civic courage” by standing up to anti-Semitism, the chancellor has said

1933 Headline in a major newspaper. So it appears the Jews Started WW2 For their Rothschild’s masters. And Scholz betraying the German people to suck jew dick seems to prove once again just how well those Mossad Child Rape Blackmail videos work on political prostitutes. The Ole Dog! Source

Meet the Alabama Women Leading the World’s Largest Civic Clubs

When it comes to civic clubs, Birmingham, Alabama is the big winner! The city features the largest Kiwanis club, Rotary club, and Rotaract Club in the world. But that’s not all. All three clubs have a woman for a leader: Leigh Davis leads the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham, Brenda Hackney leads the Rotary Club of […]

‘Message of Jewish supremacy’ dominates new Israel civic curriculum

The "message of Jewish supremacy" dominates Israel's proposed civic curriculum, sources in the Education Ministry are reported saying. The curriculum was formulated over the past year by five members of the curriculum committee. All are Jews and three are said to be religiously observant. The curriculum is expected to serve as a basis for a […]

Reignite Democracy Australia | Monica Smit | Civic Duty — The Duran

Reignite Democracy Australia | Monica Smit | Civic Duty — The Duran Source

Billionaire Bill Ackman Calls Kyle Rittenhouse a ‘Civic-Minded Patriot’

Activist investor Bill Ackman on Thursday appeared to defend Kyle Rittenhouse and described the young man as a “civic-minded patriot.” “Last night, Neri and I watched several hours of .#Kylerittenhouse direct testimony and cross examination. We came away believing that #Kyle is telling the truth and that he acted in self defense,” he wrote in […]

Tony Blair Tells Brits ‘Its Your Civic Duty To Get Jabbed’

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has claimed that getting vaccinated is a ‘civic duty’ for Brits. According to the war criminal, the UK should be administering at least 500,000 covid booster shots every day. Blair made his remarks on Thursday after his foundation, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, published a paper calling […]

A pandemic of fallacious thinking and civic irresponsibility: The precarious state of reason

Given that life and death literally rest on the validity of the “arguments”—if they are even worthy of the term–that have been bandied about in favor of not getting vaccinated for Covid19, they deserve the most intense scrutiny we can muster. Each is bad enough in itself, but taken together, they reinforce one another. They bunch together […]

 Emergence of Editorial Eye as a Civic Value in this Era of Social Media

There has been a remarkable upsurge in the reach of journalism, social media, and public engagement, through digital sources in the recent 20 years. Every minute of every day, our planet now pulses with trillions of digital social signals, bombarding us with streams of status updates, news stories, tweets, pokes, posts, referrals, advertisements, notifications, shares, […]

Los Angeles Native Describes Civic Decline

  May 29, 2018 At the first court hearing, I sat for hours as defendant after defendant, all black and all of them charged with violent crimes, was hauled before the judge, while their ill-prepared public defenders pleaded with the court for more time, which was granted in every case. Occasionally, one of the defendants […]

Drug Users Take Over Corridors of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station

Drug Users Take Over Corridors of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station April 30th, 2018 #zombieapocalypse Via: CBS: Shocking video is calling attention to what’s going on in one of the busiest BART stations in the Bay Area: drug users blatantly shooting up out […]

Spanish court grills Catalonian police officers and civic leaders in sedition case

nsnbc : The National Court of Spain questioned on October 6 two senior officers from Catalonia’s police and the leaders of two pro-independence groups […]

Statement Of Support For Civic Strike In Buenaventura, Colombia

Statement of Support and Solidarity with the People of Buenaventura Popular Resistance has been closely following and reporting on the civic strike in the port city of Buenaventura, Colombia. As the strike is suspended we are issuing this statement of support and solidarity. We applaud the political clarity and the uncompromising demands of the people of Buenaventura […]

Civic Nationalism is Globalism

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2 toddlers found tied up in backyard as 8 children found abandoned in Texas home

     Two crying toddlers tied or chained down in the backyard of a home in San Antonio, Texas, were among the eight children, ranging from ages 10 months to 13 years old, found by police in what authorities have called a “horrific” case of child abuse. Around 11:45pm on Thursday, Bexar County sheriff’s deputies arrived […]

NSA Intercepts for Law Enforcement

NSA Intercepts for Law Enforcement March 16th, 2016 I said it back in 2013 when we learned about parallel construction. It’s NSA’s infrastructure. The cat was completely out of the bag back then. Via: Privacy SOS: The wall separating “foreignâ€� intelligence operations from domestic […]

Footage of Kodiak police arresting, pepper-spraying an autistic man outrages Alaskan town

     Bodycam footage of Kodiak police arresting and pepper-spraying an autistic man has caused major upset in the Alaskan town. The controversial recording of the September 16th arrest was finally obtained on December 31st through a public records request. The arrest led some Alaskan community members to accuse local police officers Kathleen Gambling, Phillip Christman, […]

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