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Elon Musk scammed me

Elon Musk scammed me! @elonmusk I entered your bitcoin prize giveaway.. but never got a dime back from your system. It is now 31 hours and still waiting for your promise of sending me bitcoin.  

Aussies scammed by their telcos to update their phone

There is a new scam going around, not from an Indian call centre (surprise, surprise), where this time it is by one of the ‘Big Three’ Australian telecommunications carriers, that being Telstra, Optus or Vodafone Sales staff within the telco are telling their customers that their phone is not a 4G (or LTE) one, where […]

Elon Musk scammed people $3.75m from a car deposit

… and the authorities are silent on this. MANY people think that Mr. Musk is brilliant, smart or maybe even eclectic, but in reality he’s a scammer making money from other people’s money. In 2017, he thought of a vehicle and called it the Roadster, with world record breaking ‘everything’ i.e. ¼ mile, acceleration and […]

When Your Government Ends A War But Increases The Military Budget, You’re Being Scammed

The US Senate has passed its National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) military spending bill for the fiscal year of 2022, setting the budget at an astronomical $778 billion by a vote of 89 to 10. The bill has already been passed by the House, now requiring only the president’s signature. An amendment to cease facilitating […]

Happy Memorial Day; We’ve Been Scammed

* The Sad Truth About “Memorial Day” By Mike King MEMORIAL DAY EXTENDED WEEKEND // 2021EDITORIAL As we all know, Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men (and many misguided women now too!) who died while serving in America’s armed forces. The holiday, which is observed on the last Monday […]

US-NATO Invade Libya to Fight The Terrorists of Its Own Creation

Up to 6,000 troops are being sent to invade and occupy Libya, seizing oilfields allegedly threatened by terrorists NATO armed and put into power in 2011. The London Telegraph, almost as a footnote, reports of a sizable Western military force being sent in on the ground to occupy Libya in an operation it claims is aimed […]

What credibility? IMF credibility will collapse if Ukraine allowed to default to Russia, says Celente

     Trends Research Institute head Gerald Celente claims that IMF is breaking its own rules and making a mockery of its global credibility by allowing Ukraine to default on its $3 billion debt to Russia. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is breaking its own rules and making a mockery of its global credibility by allowing […]

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