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‘Christocrat’ Rick Scarborough Declares That ‘A Sodomite Will Always Reflect it in His Countenance’

Earlier this year, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was the keynote speaker at gala for the far-right group Recover America, founded by self-proclaimed “Christocrat” Rick Scarborough. As Right Wing Watch reported at the time, Scarborough has a long history of launching virulent attacks against LGBTQ people, calling them “sodomites” and declaring that AIDS is God’s […]

Cardinal and four Bishops of Belgium preaching a sodomite antigospel (Video)


Semitic Superman Is Now a Sodomite

Superman was created by two jews and then stolen by two other jews. It’s something of an interesting history, but one that I will not delve into here, since we have breaking news – Superman is coming out! From DNYUZ: The new Superman, Jonathan Kent — who is the son of Clark Kent and Lois […]

Sodomite Pederast jew Milo Runs Cover For jews By Blaming White Women

Did you hear the news? Based jewish sodomite/pederast Milo has now totally turned straight! He is now onto his next task of saving “the West” from evil White women who run the banks, media, politicians, education system and just about everything! Those pesky women make all politicians bow down at the wailing wall. How will […]

If You’re An ‘Oppressed’ Sodomite From The Third World, Italy Now Welcomes You With Open Arms

Adding to its ongoing effort to commit national suicide, a new rule will allow any Third World invader to stay in Italy if they tell border control agents that they are an oppressed “gay” or some variation thereof: A new option has been opened up to illegal migrants. Simply claim that you are gay, and […]

Musical Notes: Nana Mouskouri

For the first time in the history of music tracks popular in the 1970s are outselling tracks produced today. Where are stars like Nana Mouskouri now? Born in 1934 the enchanting Greek chanteusse has sold 300 million records. Mouskouri recorded over 1,500 songs in fifteen different languages on 450 albums. Over a career spanning five […]

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