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Catholic Bishops in Africa Protest Pope Francis Gay Blessings as Inappropriate

Pope Francis, facing criticism from Catholic bishops in Africa regarding his directive allowing priests to bless same-sex unions, has characterized the opposition as a unique case driven by cultural beliefs. In an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa on Monday, the Pontiff responded to the backlash against the Vatican’s authorization of blessings for same-sex couples […]

U.S. Bishops Slam Biden’s Transgender War on Catholic Charities

The USCCB has filed a complaint with the Biden admin over its proposed rule limiting HHS grants to those who accept transgender ideology. Source

Cardinal and four Bishops of Belgium preaching a sodomite antigospel (Video)


Belgian bishops agree to bless same-sex unions, defying Vatican

Roman Catholic bishops from Belgium’s Flanders region issued a document on Tuesday permitting the blessing of same-sex unions – in direct contrast to the Vatican’s ruling on the matter. The document was published on the Bishops’ Conference of Belgium website, and listed a ritual which would include a prayer and a final “benediction” in front […]

Belgian bishops agree to bless same-sex unions, defying Vatican

Roman Catholic bishops from Belgium’s Flanders region issued a document on Tuesday permitting the blessing of same-sex unions – in direct contrast to the Vatican’s ruling on the matter. The document was published on the Bishops’ Conference of Belgium website, and listed a ritual which would include a prayer and a final “benediction” in front […]

More than 120 Anglican bishops affirm resolution upholding ‘a man and a woman’ lifelong union

Photo Credit: StockSnap/Pixabay (The Christian Institute) — Over 120 Anglican bishops have reaffirmed the denomination’s adherence to the Bible’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) urged bishops at the Lambeth Conference 2022 to reaffirm the Lambeth 1.10 resolution from 1998. The resolution… Source

U.S. Bishops Blast Biden over Executive Order ‘Facilitating Abortion’

The U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) has censured President Joe Biden for this week’s executive order aimed at streamlining abortion access. Source

Australian Anglican bishops veto motion denouncing same-sex ‘marriage’

(The Christian Institute) — Australian bishops have rejected a statement affirming the biblical basis for marriage as the national church’s official position. At the first meeting of the Anglican Church of Australia’s General Synod since same-sex marriage was legalised there in 2017, members voted on whether to affirm that: “The solemnization of a marriage…

Elpidophoros Calls for “Restoration of Unity” at Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Archbishop Elpidophoros of the Americas addressed the Fall assembly of the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops last week, calling for a “dialogue of love” between the two churches. Credit: GOARCH Archbishop Elpidophoros, the head of all Greek Orthodox in the Americas, called for a “restoration of unity” and a “dialogue of love” between […]

U.S. Catholic bishops may dodge rebuke of Biden over abortion

A member of the doctrine committee, Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, Texas, said he and his colleagues decided that the document should avoid any trace of partisan politics. Yet Olson remains an outspoken critic of Biden’s abortion stance, saying the president has “upped the scale of scandal.” “He’s gone on record as saying abortion […]

French bishops pray for forgiveness for ‘massive phenomenon’ of abuse

Bishops in the holy town of Lourdes have prayed on their knees in a penitential gesture to ask god for forgiveness for sexual abuse in the Catholic church. A month ago an independent commission published findings that detailed around 3,000 predators among the clergy who sexually abused 216,000 minors from 1950 to 2020. “This morning, […]

French bishops kneel to ask forgiveness for sexual abuse

French Catholic bishops kicked off their annual conference on Tuesday, set to pour over a shock report last month that detailed massive child abuse of 216,00 minors spanning 70 years. The 120 bishops from across France are to devote nearly half their week-long meeting to “the fight against violence and sexual aggression directed at minors”, […]

Pope Francis urges European bishops gathering in Poland to listen to sex abuse victims

Pope Francis urged European bishops on Saturday to listen to survivors of clergy sexual abuse and consider them partners in reform. In a video message aimed at Central and Eastern European bishops currently gathering in Poland for a four-day child protection conference, the supreme pontiff warned a failure to take victims’ views into account could […]

Top Administrator for US Conference of Catholic Bishops Resigns After Revelations He Frequented Gay Bars and Used Grindr

Isn’t it ridiculous how so many people on the “right wing” are encouraging us to turn to Catholicism as a bastion of family values and tradition in the degenerate West? E. Michael Jones, Nick Fuentes, Milo Yiannopolous, and many others constantly shill for one of the most corrupt organizations in the past two millennia. Jeffrey […]

Pompous Pro-Abortion Ted Lieu ‘Dares’ Bishops To Deny Him Holy Communion

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu has challenged the U.S. bishops to refuse him Holy Communion at Mass, flaunting his adoration for abortion. “Dear USCCB, I’m Catholic and I support contraception, a woman’s right to choose, treatments for infertility, the right for people to get a divorce, the right of same sex marriage,” Lieu tweeted Friday. “Next time […]

Catholic Bishops Overwhelmingly Approve Move Towards Rebuking Biden and Other Pro-Abortion Politicians

U.S. Catholic bishops have approved the drafting of a “teaching document” that will rebuke President Joe Biden and other pro-abortion politicians for receiving Communion despite their support for the practice. by Cassandra Fairbanks The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the move, with 168 in favor and 55 against. It was announced on Friday at […]

U.S. Bishops Vote to Draft Document on Worthiness to Receive Communion

The U.S. bishops voted overwhelmingly Friday to approve drafting a document on the reception of Holy Communion, a topic with clear repercussions for President Joe Biden, a professed Catholic who supports the expansion of abortion rights. Approximately three-quarters of the bishops (168) voted in favor of drafting the text, while only 55 voted against, with […]

U.S. Catholic bishops OK steps toward possible rebuke of Biden

Supporters of the measure said a strong rebuke of Biden was needed because of his recent actions protecting and expanding abortion access, while opponents warned that such action would portray the bishops as a partisan force during a time of bitter political divisions across the country. As a result of the vote, the USCCB’s doctrine […]

Vatican warns U.S. bishops about rebuking Biden, other Catholic pols

Ladaria, in his letter, said any new policy “requires that dialogue occurs in two stages: first among the bishops themselves, and then between bishops and Catholic pro-choice politicians within their jurisdictions.” Even then, Ladaria advised, the bishops should seek unanimous support within their ranks for any national policy, lest it become “a source of discord […]

U.S. Bishops Urge Shift in Focus from Skin Color to Character

The leader of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB), Los Angeles Cardinal José Gomez, lamented Friday that unfortunately, in America it is still true that skin color often matters more than the “content of our character.” “For much of the past year, America has been reckoning with the legacy of slavery and the persistence of racial […]

Bishops Of Austria: Submitting To Potentially Dangerous COVID Vaccines A ‘Christian Responsibility’

The Catholic bishops of Austria believe that being injected with a vaccine against Covid-19 is a form of Christian responsibility: In a statement released at the end of their autumn plenary assembly on Friday, the Austrian Bishops’ Conference said “Christian responsibility” should manifest itself during the coronavirus pandemic as “personal responsibility, consideration, and solidarity.” “The […]

More Bishops From The Catholic Church Caught Sexual Abusing Young Boys

The Facts: Sexual abuse of young children have long been associated with the Catholic Church. Reflect On: Who we are worshiping, and the institutions we so easily and our power over to. Are these who we consider our spiritual leaders? Last Thursday, at the end of an emergency summit in Rome with the Pope, 34 […]

34 Chilean Bishops From The Catholic Church Implicated In The Sexual Abuse of Young Boys

By Richard Enos Last Thursday, at the end of an emergency summit in Rome with the Pope, 34 Chilean bishops offered their resignation in the wake of revelations of sexual abuse of young boys and their complicity in covering up the crimes. These 34 represent every bishop in Chile, 31 active and 3 retired. Damage control at its […]

All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over ‘Absolutely Deplorable’ Pedophile Priest Scandal

All 34 bishops in Chile have tendered their resignations in the wake of yet another pedophile priest scandal in which high level officials covered up the institutionalized sexual abuse of minors – even threatening officials tasked with investigating sex crimes and the destruction of evidence. by Tyler Durden, Guest writer Thirty-one active bishops and three […]

Pope Francis Saves 34 Pedophile Bishops From Serving Prison Time

Pope Francis has saved all 34 Chilean bishops accused of operating a pedophile ring from having to serve a prison sentence.  Following a meeting this week with the Pope, the Vatican decided the best way to cover-up their crimes was to have the bishops resign. reports: The bishops also apologised to Chile, the victims […]

Kenyan Bishops Uncover Massive Eugenics Program Via Tetanus Vaccine

The Catholic bishops of Kenya have publicly slammed the World Health Organization and UNICEF for operating a secret eugenics program via tetanus vaccinations. In a public letter, the bishops demanded to know why the tetanus vaccine was laced with the dangerous Beta- HCG hormone which causes infertility and miscarriages in women. reports: After raising their […]

Catholic Church Tells Bishops They Don’t Have To Report Pedophilia

A new policy guideline for Catholic bishops released this month states that it is “not necessarily” the duty of bishops to report accusations of clerical child abuse to the police.  Making it clear that the church considers it acceptable for bishops to turn a blind eye to pedophilia among their ranks, the policy guideline states that only […]

Liver toxicity: Natural remedies revealed

(NaturalNews) Chronic disease is often brought about by nutritional deficiencies along with too many harmful substances trapped in the body – causing liver toxicity, digestive problems plus many other dangerous health conditions. Discover natural ways to detoxify the liver. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Ellen Jensen will discuss […]

Indonesia: Powerful 7.9 Earthquake Strikes Off Sumatra

A magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck off Indonesia’s island of Sumatra on Wednesday prompting a tsunami alert, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).  Some people have died but it was not yet clear how many, an official of the country’s search and rescue agency told Reuters. The quake struck at around 6.50pm local time (12.50GMT) […]

Israel’s Army and Government at Loggerheads Over Cause of Attacks

Those who wish simply to perpetuate Palestinian suffering may triumph over those who would prefer to intensify it. Either way, Palestinians will continue to resist. Israel’s frantic cocoon-weaving entered a new phase last week, as Benjamin Netanyahu’s government stepped up efforts to stifle the last vestiges of dissent. The military censor’s office, […]

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