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US Terrorist Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines and Tectonic Weapons in Turkey

The United States’ use of terrorist methods to eliminate Russian gas competition by undermining the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea on September 26 and numerous well-founded suspicions about Washington’s possible use of tectonic weapons in the February earthquake in Turkey are among the most widely discussed topics in many nations today. Seymour Hersh, […]

Here’s why the Pentagon geoterrorists just aimed their most powerful tectonic weaponry at Turkey.

By Peter Koenig Global Research Excerpt taken from Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Is This An Act of Terror? 1. Turkey has entered an alliance with Russia – which for a NATO-member is like “sleeping with the enemy”. (Michel Chossudovsky) See this and this. Such a partnership with a NATO enemy is indeed an absolute no-go for the west. Under this alliance, Turkey […]

“A Tectonic Shift”

There is a great disturbance in the force. For decades Israel has been able to confiscate homes, occupy land, and kill civilians. There’s never been much mainstream debate about this in the United States, the country that finances Israel’s atrocities with billions of dollars in taxpayer money. If someone makes the mistake of objecting to […]

Major Yellowstone Tectonic Shift Sparks Fears Of Mega Eruption

Scientists have warned that a major tectonic shift at Yellowstone Supervolcano will spark a massive eruption that will devastate the planet.  As the world’s volcanoes begin to wake up, experts have turned their attention to the unusual activity going on at Yellowstone. reports: Increased activity above and below the surface at the US supervolcano […]

Good News: Anti-Russian Sanctions Bill `Will Result in a Tectonic Break Between US, Europe`

The US Senate passed in a 98-2 vote a new version of a sanctions bill on Russia, Iran and North Korea, limiting President Donald Trump’s ability to lift the restrictions on Moscow.The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the bill on Tuesday. The chamber voted to attach Iran and Russia to a bill that originally targeted North Korea, which is what the Senate had requested. […]

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