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Iran’s Response To Israel Was Pure Political Theatrics as the Genocide in Gaza Continues

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Iran’s response to Israel’s attack on their embassy in Syria which killed several people including top military personnel, resulted in ZERO Israeli deaths this past Saturday night. News sources reported that Israel was set to immediately strike back, until they received a phone call from U.S. President Joe Biden, […]

Netanyahu’s cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one — Trump

The good news from Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on Iran’s “secret atomic archive” yesterday is that it was so cheaply theatrical that it is being widely dismissed as vaudeville. He used the word secret 15 times, and in the encore pulled back a black curtain on his evidence, proclaiming, “I just revealed something the world has […]

Palestinians in Gaza are drinking contaminated water from their sinks

Rayqa al-Malalha, 55, looks out her kitchen window at a putrid wastewater pond in the front yard of her Rafah City house in the Gaza strip. Her municipality does not supply clean drinking water, in part because the toxic pool is leaking into the water piping system. Yet Rayqa’s troubles are not unique. Palestinians in […]

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