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Mike Johnson establishes himself as a titan of Congress with aid package vote

Whatever the future may bring for Speaker Johnson, the American people yearn for forceful, effective bipartisan action— on immigration, the economy, family security, education, energy, health care and a host of other issues. Source

Titan Sub Pilot Loses Control On Seabed In Documentary Clip From 2022 Dive

A BBC documentary released last year captured a chilling malfunction on the doomed Titan submersible that left passengers stuck circling at the bottom of the ocean. On one of OceanGate’s dives to the Titanic wreckage nearly 13,000 feet below the surface in the North Atlantic, its sub’s thrusters malfunctioned, causing the vessel to spin only […]

Ex-OceanGate Employee’s Ominous 2018 Email About Titan Sub Revealed In New Report

A former OceanGate employee reportedly emailed a colleague years ago sounding the alarm that the company’s CEO might get himself and others killed due to safety issues with the Titan submersible. “There’s no way on earth you could have paid me to dive the thing,” David Lochridge wrote in a 2018 email about the Titan […]

Carbon fiber used to build imploded OceanGate Titan submersible was well “past shelf life,” report reveals

(NaturalNews) In a past conversation over cigars with Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Arnie Weissmann, the late OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush, who died… Source

Hyperion: Titan God of Heavenly Light, Son of Gaia and Uranus

In Disney’s 1997 film Hercules, the Titans are portrayed as natural disasters personified in the form of monolithic, terrible beings. In Greek mythology, however, the Titans were part of the first pantheon of gods. Amongst these Titans was Hyperion, god of heavenly light. There was a great war between the Titans and the Olympian gods, […]

Cronus: The Titan Harvest God and Erroneously The Titan Time God

Cronus, the Titan of Time is often depicted today as Father Time. However, the original Greek myth has few, if any, actual links between Cronus and time. Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Europe Read Later 

The Giant of Antrim, Ireland: Biblical Titan or Colossal Hoax?

The image and descriptive article of the purported Irish petrified giant of Antrim, have made the rounds on the internet as proof of the existence of ancient giants for several years. Renown authors on the subject of giants, Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira have taken a deep dive investigating this case to figure out if […]

‘Feathery’ gas clouds swirl over Saturn’s moon Titan

     NASA has released enhanced imagery of Saturn’s largest moon, showing methane gas clouds swirling over Titan’s lakes and seas. As the US space agency’s 20-year mission to explore the secrets of Saturn nears its end, the Cassini spacecraft has been in its final orbit of the planet and Titan. One day on the moon […]

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