New Mass Invader Sex Attack in Germany

At least 26 German women were subjected to a new and coordinated mass sex attack by nonwhite invaders posing as refugees at an open-air music festival in the German town of Darmstadt over the past weekend, Hesse police have confirmed.

The attacks followed the identical pattern used by the nonwhite criminals at the Cologne city center over last New Year’s Eve, where nonwhite gangs surrounded white women and molested them.


The Hesse police report said that the attacks took place on Saturday evening, and were all directed at young women.

“The perpetrators proceeded in small groups to surround and indecently assault the women,” the police statement said.

Many of the women were also punched and physically assaulted by other groups of nonwhites in the early hours of Sunday morning in the Entega Club Area, police added. Cases of theft and robbery are also being investigated.

The police arrested three perpetrators who they identified as “South Asians”—and who were later identified as Pakistanis claiming to be asylum seekers.

Police have said they expect the number of complaints to rise as more cases are reported.

The nature of the attacks—which are so common in the Arabic world that there is even a name for them, “Taharrush”—make it extremely difficult to identify a single attacker.

Because of this, the attempts to prosecute the perpetrators becomes nearly impossible, and the first attacker brought to court for the Cologne attacks was found not guilty after the exacting demands of physical evidence were applied to the prosecution’s case.

The Darmstadt Echo newspaper reported that prosecutors already fear that the “vast majority” of suspects involved in the Darmstadt attacks would be able to avoid prosecution because they could be deported—even though at least one of the three initially-arrested nonwhite invaders had already been granted permanent residence in Germany. This could, however, still be revoked.

The three arrested Pakistanis were, predictably, released on Monday after being interrogated and having their personal data recorded, the Darmstadt Echo continued.

The city prosecutor’s office also warned that the length of time it took to investigate the assaults might mean that the suspects could have their asylum claims rejected before the cases come to court.

The city of Darmstadt is notoriously left wing and has a communist-Green party mayor, Jochen Partsch. Typically for such people, he said in his reaction to the assaults that “violence against women has no place in our city”—and said that the nonwhite invaders—who he and his party had invited into the city—had to be “told what the rules are” with regard to women.

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