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The Sena Empire: Rise and Fall of the Last Hindu Kings of Bengal

The kings of the Sena Empire, who were part of the Brahmin top-echelon caste in India, originally came from Karnata in southern India before they moved to the Bengali region.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia History Famous People Read Later 

From state to civil society, how Bengal responded to Covid

During the peak of the second surge of the deadly killer virus in summer this year, parts of urban India were trapped in daily despair —  amidst a non-stop spiral of dying, death and desperation. The mighty Indian State led by a ‘powerful’ Hindutva icon had literally withered away, and the rich and the poor […]

Tango Dance in Bengal

What we are witnessing in Bengal today reminds us of the saying: `It takes two to tango’, implying that in a dispute it is not one alone, but the other is also responsible. During the electoral campaign in the state, the Trinamul Congress (TMC) chief minister Mamata Banerjee coined the slogan: ‘Khela Hobey’ (It will […]

 Bengal was the sky the BJP tried to spit on

Some political commentators have wondered why the BJP made the Bengal elections such a big deal. Former minister Yashwant Sinha puts forth the opinion on the NDTV site that it was done to nip Mamata Banerji’s national ambitions in the bud. Others felt that it was a crucial event for Amit Shah to “cement his position […]

Bengaltattva vs Hindutva: who will win West Bengal? |Part Three|

  (This is an exclusive long-form essay that aims to provide the most comprehensive and incisive understanding of West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: the ground-shifting and momentous battle in post-Independence Bengal. The first part can be read here; second part here. This is the third and the final part)   Bengal 2021 and Thereafter In […]

Modi vs Mamata: A Tight Race in West Bengal?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone overboard in turning the political tide in his party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s favor in ongoing assembly elections in West Bengal. During his campaign, he has tried using Bengali language and has for months moved around donning image of the state’s Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). Exuding confidence about […]

Safe Potable Drinking Water: A Problem Of Serious  Dimensions, in Bengal, Assam, But Not On The Agenda Of  Political  Parties

  Kalita Majhi, who works as a maid in four houses and earns Rs 2,500 a month, was in the news as BJP gave her the party ticket from Ausgram Assembly constituency located in Purba Burdwan district, Bengal.The district is known to be deprived of safe drinking water like so many others. Dental fluorosis (‘mottled […]

Mysterious explosion heard on the coast of West Bengal, India

     A mysterious explosion was heard in West Bengal’s coastal town Digha on Thursday afternoon, triggering panic among tourists and residents, police said. However, till late in the night, the source of the sound was yet to be identified. Police said the sound was heard in some parts of the coastal town in East Midnapore […]

US-Saudi relations under change, their Heyday has gone

Alwaght- The US-Saudi friendship at the present time is not as golden as two decades ago- the good days in which such Saudi princes as Bandar bin Sultan, the former kingdom’s intelligence chief who is known as “Bandar Bush” stepped out of the formality of the diplomatic etiquettes and held warm personal relations with the […]

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