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Ferdinand Rebay’s Complete Music for Violin & Guitar

By Brilliant Classics It was Jakob Ortner, one of the composer’s colleagues at the academy in Vienna, who Source

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. visits China

From January 3 to 5, 2023, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was on a visit to China at the invitation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. In itself, this fact has taken an important place in the list of events developing in Southeast Asia, which is characterized by an intensifying all-round struggle between the leading world powers […]

Ferdinand Ries’ Sonatas for Flute & Piano

The figure of Ferdinand Ries (1784–1838) enjoys a peripheral familiarity among music-lovers as the friend and amanuensis of Beethoven. Source

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Takes Helm In Philippines, Silent On Father’s Abuses

Activists and survivors of the martial law era under his father protested Marcos Jr.’s inauguration. Source

Philippines: Dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Jr sworn in as president

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, who succeeds Rodrigo Duterte, sees the return of the Marcos family to power 36 years after his father’s tyrannical rule ended. Source

Philippines: Outgoing Duterte Asks Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to Fight ‘Stronger’ War on Drugs

Outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday urged incoming Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to exert “stronger pressure” on the nation’s illicit drug industry during his upcoming administration, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Wins Philippines Presidential Election

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. told reporters on Wednesday he was “ready to hit the ground running” following a presumed victory in the 2022 Philippine presidential election earlier that same day.

Son of Late Philippines Dictator Ferdinand Marcos to Run for President

Former Philippines senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. declared on Tuesday that he will run for president in next year’s elections, following weeks of speculation about his future in politics. Marcos Jr., the only son of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the Philippines for almost two decades until being overthrown in 1986, announced his presidential bid in a video post on social […]

Was Franz Ferdinand Assassinated for Wanting to Restrict jewish Power?

I was browsing Gab and found these pages from what looks to be an interesting book. It appears that Archduke Franz Ferdinand may have been assassinated because of his opposition to jewry. Share now! Source

Dark and Symbolic Landscapes and Portraits by Ferdinand Keller

Ferdinand Keller (1854 – 1922) was a German history, genre, and portrait painter. He was also commissioned to do some very large-scale projects. He started painting while his father was working on a 4 year contract in Brazil and then decided to study painting when he got back to Germany. He traveled Europe, continuing to […]

‘Life in the camp is tough, but at least the war is far’: Palestinians flee Syria for Shatila refugee camp

It is hard to find one Palestinian in Lebanon who doesn’t dream of returning to Palestine. Both elders and youngsters, it doesn’t matter if they have never been there, keep claiming their right to return to the houses of their parents or grandparents (of which most of them still hold the keys), and there is a very […]

GMS – MOST HIGH is gathering all the Nations for World War 3

Greatmillstone Israelites (GMS) – MOST HIGH is gathering all the Nations for World War 3. source Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Source Article from

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