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Rinkevics sworn in as Latvian president, first gay EU head of state

Rinkevics was the longest-serving foreign minister in the country’s history. Edgars Rinkevics, Latvia’s longest-serving foreign minister, today became the first openly gay head of state in the European Union.  As he was sworn in as the country’s new president, pledged to fight for inclusion and equality. During his inaugural address to the parliament, which elected […]

Erdogan sworn in as Turkish president after historic re-election

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan took the oath of office for a new presidential term yesterday after his re-election last week, extending his rule into a third decade. June 5, 2023 at 8:21 am READ: Turkish President Erdogan unveils new Cabinet Show Comments Related Source

Brandon Johnson sworn in as Chicago mayor

“There’s enough room for everyone in the city, whether you are seeking asylum” or are unhoused, he told the applauding crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago Credit 1 Arena. “We don’t want the story of Chicago to be that we didn’t invest in all of our people.” The real refrain of his speech, […]

Watch: Wes Moore sworn in as Maryland’s first Black governor

Watch: Wes Moore sworn in as Maryland’s first Black governor lead image Source

‘Our system works’: Josh Shapiro sworn in as Pennsylvania governor

‘Our system works’: Josh Shapiro sworn in as Pennsylvania governor lead image Source

Lula Sworn In As President To Lead Polarized Brazil

He’s assuming office for the third time after thwarting outgoing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro’s reelection bid. Source

Giorgia Meloni sworn in as Italy’s first woman PM, Greek PM sends congratulations

Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni has been sworn in as Italian prime minister, to become the first woman to head a government in Italy. Meloni took the oath on Saturday before President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinal Palace in Rome, once home to popes and kings of Italy. Meloni’s appointment is an historic event for the […]

Steven Dettelbach sworn in as ATF director

Steven Dettelbach was sworn in Tuesday as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, becoming only the second ATF director to win Senate approval since confirmation was required in 2006. “Thank you, Attorney General Garland, and I also want to say thanks to President Biden for your confidence in me, for fighting […]

Philippines: Dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Jr sworn in as president

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, who succeeds Rodrigo Duterte, sees the return of the Marcos family to power 36 years after his father’s tyrannical rule ended. Source

Scott Morrison not sworn in correctly as Prime Minister

According to the PM’s website Scott Morrison was allegedly sworn in to office on the 24th day of August 2018, as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. So, what is this ‘oath’ or affirmation, and where is it described? Australia’s founding legal document, the Constitution is the place where one can find the oath or […]

Women get parity as Dutch government sworn in after record delay

The new government has been sworn into office in the Netherlands, a record 299 days after the country’s last election. Mark Rutte is now set to become the Netherlands’ longest-serving prime minister as he leads a fourth separate executive. Rutte has already headed three coalitions and only narrowly survived a no-confidence motion in parliament last […]

New Kuwaiti government sworn in

The new Kuwaiti government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, took the constitutional oath on Wednesday before the country’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Anadolu News Agency reports. “You have responsibilities and duties that require diligent work in the spirit of one team to continue the reform process, implement economic programs […]

Attorney Files Lawsuit Against CDC Based on ‘Sworn Declaration’ from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS – All Within 3 Days of COVID-19 Shots

Ohio-based Attorney Thomas Renz was one of several speakers this past weekend at a conference in Anaheim, California, where he announced that with the help of America’s Frontline Doctors, he was filing a federal lawsuit in Alabama based on a “sworn declaration, under threat of perjury,” from an alleged whistleblower who claims to have inside […]

Al-Assad Sworn in Today before the People’s Assembly

[embedded content] Today 17/07/2021 By Al Mayadeen Source: Al Mayadeen President Bashar al-Assad is to be sworn in for a new presidential term before the members of the People’s Assembly today. Al-Assad is sworn in for a new term today before the People’s Assembly Today, Saturday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be sworn in for a new […]

New Israeli PM barely sworn in is already Bombing Gaza

    Hostilities between Israel and Hamas-controlled Gaza have resumed with a vengeance, with Tel Aviv firing a flurry of missiles into the enclave in response to “arson balloons” as tensions flare up under the new Israeli government led by Naftali Bennett. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said they targeted a “military compound and a […]

Biden sworn in by an illegitimate justice! Trump never conceded!

Beach January 22, 2021 VIDEO LINK TRUMP CARDS TRUMP “FAREWELL” SPEECH – HE WAS SAYING FAREWELL TO THE CORRUPT DEFUNCT USA INC FAUX INAUGURATION WEIRDNESS The dirty rotten swamp rats look like they’re attending a funeral! Ummm…Did Hillary just get a quick new hair do and Jill Biden gained 20 pounds in a […]

George Gascon, L.A.’s Soros-Funded D.A., Sworn in; Ends Cash Bail, Death Penalty

George Gascon, the new George Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney, was sworn in on Monday, and immediately ended the use of cash bail for most crimes, while also barring prosecutors from seeking the death penalty in new cases. Gascon appeared poised to do for L.A. what he did for San Francisco, a city now synonymous […]

Nevada Whistleblower’s Sworn Affadavit: I Saw Mail Ballots Being Processed Without Signature Verification

A whistleblower in Nevada is claiming that election officials willingly violated the rules for handling and counting mail-in ballots, according to the Nevada Republican Party. “A whistleblower has come forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail ballots being counted without signatures being verified,” the Nevada Republican Party wrote in a Twitter post Saturday. The […]

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in at the White House

President Donald Trump hosted a swearing-in ceremony for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Monday night, about an hour after the Senate voted to confirm her. “She is one of our nation’s most brilliant legal scholars and she will make an outstanding justice on the highest court in our land,” Trump said. The final Senate vote […]

Russia’s Putin sworn in for another six years in office

Vladimir Putin was sworn in for another six years as Russian president on Monday, buoyed by popular support but weighed down too by a costly confrontation with the West, a fragile economy and uncertainty about what happens when his term ends. Standing in the ornately-decorated Andreyevsky Hall of the Grand […]

Putin sworn in for fourth presidential term (FULL VIDEO)

Putin was re-elected as president in March. His inauguration ceremony was held on Monday at the Kremlin Grand Palace. Three lavishly decorated grand halls – the Georgievsky, Aleksandrovsky, and Andreevsky, which form an enfilade – were used for the event. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga) { ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JWPLAYER-GA’, […]

Colombia’s war crimes tribunal sworn in by President Santos

nsnbc : Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, on Monday, swore in 30 judges for the war crimes tribunal under the country’s special jurisdiction for […]

Rouhani sworn in as Iran’s President

FNA- The swearing-in ceremony of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani kicked off in the capital, Tehran, at 17:00 local time (1230 GMT) on Saturday in the presence of senior Iranian state and military officials as well as foreign dignitaries. The ceremony underway at the venue of the Iranian Parliament started with the national anthem of the […]

Man Who Sworn Off Masturbating For 700 Days Gets Metamorphic ‘Superpowers’

What is addiction? Psychology Today describes addiction as a condition manifested by compulsive substance use (such as alcohol and cocaine) or compulsive need for pleasurable activities (such as porn and shopping). The continuation of these activities changes the brain and leads to harmful consequences affecting work, relationships, health, learning, and motivation. What is masturbation? Healthism describes […]

Unity on the "Russia problem" to be discussed at NATO summit meeting

     All NATO leaders will meet together at a crucial July 8-9 Summit meeting in Warsaw, to agree about what to do to Russia, about which US General Philip Breedlove, then the Supreme Commander of NATO, said earlier this year, «Russia has chosen to be an adversary and poses a long-term existential threat to the […]

UNC diversity workshop says beige bandaids are white privilege

As part of a “cultural competency workshop,” students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are being assigned a score based on the amount of “white privilege” they may have. During the workshop, students can participate in several activities that “examine white privilege and how it is more powerful than […]

The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called ‘Henry’ to intercede with ‘Bibi’

The highlight of last night’s Democratic debate in Milwaukee was Bernie Sanders’s attack on Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy mentor Henry Kissinger for paving the way to the Cambodian genocide in the ’70s and for fighting China by way of Vietnam at enormous cost to young Americans then wanting to ship American jobs to that country […]

The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called ‘Henry’ to intercede with ‘Bibi’

The highlight of last night’s Democratic debate in Milwaukee was Bernie Sanders’s attack on Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy mentor Henry Kissinger for paving the way to the Cambodian genocide in the ’70s and for fighting China by way of Vietnam at enormous cost to young Americans then wanting to ship American jobs to that country […]

BREAKING: DHS Just Dropped MASSIVE Bombshell About Obama And TERRORISTS… This Is INSANE

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– All of us on the right question where Obama’s loyalties lie, and we have good reason to. Obama has repeatedly covered for the jihad attacks in our country and abroad calling them ‘workplace violence.’ That’s not all he’s done to protect Muslims and terrorists. He has intentionally allowed ISIS […]

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