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Saudi Arabia Has It All Figured Out in Lebanon – As It Had With the War in Yemen!

October 31, 2021 By Mohammad Yossef Beirut – Saudi Arabia is escalating its aggression against the nearly completely devastated and ravaged Lebanon. The so called kingdom of goodness is venting its anger and expressing its frustration because of its humiliating defeats in Yemen. Hence it has exhausted all possibilities in other places; Lebanon continues to […]

Memelords Just Figured Out How to Take Back the Billions Wall Street Made Profiting Off Lockdowns

Memelords Just Figured Out How to Take Back the Billions Wall Street Made Profiting Off Lockdowns Activist Post / Activist Post By Matt Agorist Make no mistake, the government’s reaction to COVID-19 — shutting down business, forcing people to state home, all the while granting monopolies to massive chains like Amazon, Walmart, etc. — has […]


What is the first question to ask when something doesn’t pass the sniff test: Cui bono (who benefits)? Truth stream Media provides some compelling information regarding the latest false flag shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada and what the overall agenda is about.. You won’t want to miss watching their video in its entire, below: Source Article […]

Harvard-Trained Brain Scientist Had A Stroke & Figured Out The Mystery Of Life

Next Story What if your left brain suddenly shut off and only the right side of your brain were active and working? This is something that can happen when you have a stroke, and exactly what neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor experienced in 1996 — and she was conscious of it happening. Taylor’s story is not a […]

Genetically Modified Crops: The Trouble Is In The Soil

15th April 2016 By Vanessa Caldarelli Guest Writer for Wake Up World One of the most detrimental issues about GM agriculture is the effect it has on our environment, specifically our soil and water. The findings regarding GM in the media, science, and FDA reports are almost solely focused on the ways in which GM affects […]

Activist Stabbed To Death & Burned After Facebook Posts Predicting That Cops Would Kill Him

An activist named John Lang was found stabbed to death inside of his home this week after predicting that he would be killed by police in his area. His house was also set on fire in the struggle that killed him. According to ABC30, his neighbors noticed smoke coming from his house around 3:00 in […]

12 Year Old Girl Shot and Killed by Pennsylvania Police in Her Home

A Pennsylvania state constable fatally shot a 12-year-old girl while serving an eviction notice to her father in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, on Monday. The constable, who was delivering the notice from a district court, shot the father in the arm, but the bullet passed through him, striking and killing the young girl. According to police, Donald […]

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

‘Strategic depopulation’ of Syria likely cause of EU refugee crisis – Assange

Transparency organization WikiLeaks has looked through its diplomatic cables and unearthed “an interesting speculation about the refugee movement,” Assange said in an interview with Geek news site, ThePressProject. “So, the speculation was this: Occasionally opponents of a country would engage in strategic depopulation, which is to decrease the fighting capacity of a government,” he explained. […]

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